Snow yet to be cleared from interior roads

Snow yet to be cleared from interior roads
Pic: Mubashir Khan/GK

The authorities' claims of working overtime to clear snow from the roads notwithstanding, many Srinagar residents complained that the snow was yet to be cleared from their areas.

Greater Kashmir received scores of calls from across Srinagar with callers complaining that the snow had not been removed from link roads and alleys in their areas.

"We apprised the local authorities via social media about the difficulties we are facing but unfortunately no major step has been taken to address our problem," a caller from Rawalpora said.

"For last four days I'm indoors. Today I had an appointment with a doctor but I cannot move my vehicle. I called an SMC person who said they will clear our road, but till noon nobody has showed up," said Nazir Ahmed from Rawalpora.

Some residents said that the roads/link roads have not been cleared properly which has triggered the traffic jams. "Mounds of snow along the roadsides and sidewalks is hampering the traffic movement," they said.

"Our roads are already narrow, now the alongside mounds of snow on these roads are making it difficult for the vehicles as well as the pedestrians to move," said a caller from Bemina.

"There is barely a passage for one vehicle, if another vehicle comes from opposite side, it triggers traffic jam. We can wait for hours in our private transport but what about essential service like ambulance. It can cost somebody's life," said Amjad, a resident of downtown.

Srinagar administration on Thursday and Friday in a series of Tweets on its official twitter handle said that they are trying their best to clear snow form Srinagar roads. "Snow-clearance from link roads and lanes is in full swing across Srinagar. We aim to clear as many as possible today. Yesterday and the day before, our priority was main roads and approach roads to installation of essential services. We appreciate your patience and cooperation," Srinagar administration wrote in one of its tweets on Thursday.

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