Stop Domestic Violence

It is a sad situation.

It is a sad situation. That the incidence of domestic violence is hurtfully increasing in the land of great spiritualists, who always held the torch of humanity high and taught love and respect for women. In 2014, more than three thousand cases of domestic violence were reported in the only women's police station of Srinagar. And according to a report, up to June 2015 over 1600 complaints had been received in the said police station. At an average, more than a dozen of complaints about domestic disputes and domestic violence are received in the only police station at Srinagar. Studies have shown, one of the major reasons for hostility towards women is dowry. Lots of cases of domestic violence, because of social taboos and other constraints, remain unreported. It is only the serious cases like burning of brides or killing of daughters-in-law that attract attention of media and come into public domain. In the burn-ward and other wards of the SMHS hospital there are at present about forty women with serious burns, out of them eleven severely burnt. It is high time for the administrative machinery in particular, and civil society in general come out of the slumber, and fight the menace. The administrative machinery is empowered to teeth with laws for curbing violence against women but it is for poor execution of these laws that the menace has assumed alarming proportion in our state. For enabling women to come forward for reporting cases of violence and seeking justice, the government should establish more of women police stations at district headquarters and create separate women police cells in rural police stations. For fighting the menace at societal level, the scores of women NGOs and various civil society group need to play their role by spreading awareness amongst women about their rights, and safeguards provided under laws against domestic violence. For putting a check on dowry related violence, as was rightly pointed out by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, those involved in domestic violence, or restoring to killing of women should be socially ostracized.

Greater Kashmir