Stranded in WB, Kashmiri woman appeals for evacuation after husband’s death

‘I’m stuck with my 6-year-old daughter’
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The family of a 45-year-old-man from this district, who died in West Bengal, has appealed the authorities to evacuate them.

A Kashmiri shawl trader, GhulamRasoolReshi, son of Abdul RehmanReshi,of Dara SaidaporaHarwan area of Srinagar suffered heart attack in Kolkatta onApril 8.

He was shifted to the hospital where doctors declared himbrought dead. On the directions of Kolkata authorities, the deceased was buriedby locals in the backyard of a local mosque.

With the death of her husband, Nasreena Begum along with hersix-year-old daughter is finding it hard to live in Kolkata.

Speaking over phone from Kolkata, Nasreena said ever sincethe death of her husband she was continuously appealing the administrations ofJ&K as well as West Bengal to evacuate them to Kashmir.

"I have made all kinds of efforts to reach theadministrations of West Bengal as well as Kashmir to get us evacuated. But itseems my requests are falling onto deaf ears," Nasreena said.

"My six- year-old-daughter keeps crying all day long. Withmy husband gone, we have no one here to take care of us. I don't know what tosay or how to deal with my little daughter, who keeps on asking 'Abu kahahai(where is the father)"," the deceased's wife said.

"I am again appealing the governments of J&K and WestBengal to evacuate me and my little daughter at an earliest so that we can findsome comfort by living among our own in Kashmir," she said.

Nasreena is willing to go for administrative quarantine ifevacuated to Valley.

"Once the government will evacuate us to Valley, I alongwith my daughter am willing to spend the mandatory time in the quarantinecentre," she said.

The deceased's wife said that her husband was dealing with ashawl business in Kolkata from last 25 years.

"We were earning our livelihood from selling shawls. Eversince the lockdown started, my husband couldn't go out and it startedreflecting on his health. He was under a lot of stress which eventually killedhim," Nasreena said.

Even the deceased's in-laws living in north Kashmir'sBandipora are also worried about well being of their daughter andgrand-daughter.

They urged the Chief Minister of West Bengal, MamataBanerjee and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang, Kondbarao Pole toevacuate their daughter and their grandchild to Kashmir.

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