Well done General Assembly

The UN General Assembly has voted against the unilateral decision of the US recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The US got just one vote which reflects that the super power stands isolated, at least on this issue. The stand taken by the world community indicates that the UN can play a potent role in international relations if the member organisations wish. The UN was ridiculed for its role during early 1990s when it passed a series of resolutions at the behest of the US, to ensure massive devastation in the Gulf. Similarly its partisan role elsewhere won it severe criticism. But the stand on Jerusalem narrates the story of its resurrection and resilience. The UN needs to take a similar stand on other issues to establish global peace. There is no denying the fact that bulk of funds needed to run the UN come from the US but that does not mean that this vital body allows itself to be treated as US 'mistress'. The US shall remember this day, and it will go a long way in helping it shun its hegemonic attitude. The US move rightly evoked global condemnation much to the surprise of the American government. Even some closet allies of the US  criticised the decision that hurt the sentiments of around one billion Muslims across the world.In view of the widespread condemnation that the US stand has evoked and the UNGA decision, the government in America need to reconsider the decision; not only because it can unleash violence across the globe but to convey a message that decisions need to be taken by taking all the stakeholders on board. Gone are the days when decisions would be imposed on a reluctant people. The sensitivity of the issue warrants a negotiated settlement.

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