6 months on, KU yet to notify dates for PhD entrance; aspirants high and dry

Dates will be notified within a week: Dir Admission KU
Kashmir University
Kashmir UniversityFile/ GK

Srinagar: Despite the passage of around six months, the authorities at Kashmir University are yet to complete the admission process for the PhD candidates.

The aggrieved PhD candidates said they submitted the entrance forms in May this year expecting the early completion of the process.

“But till date, there has been no headway in it. We are still waiting for the entrance to be held by the directorate of admissions,” an aggrieved aspirant told Greater Kashmir.

The candidates said the varsity did not conduct the entrance in the last six months which has raised apprehensions of the delayed admission process.

“If the Directorate of Admissions could not conduct entrance in these six months, one can expect the pace of process,” the aspirant said.

The aggrieved candidates said they approached the directorate of admissions many times only to return disappointed.

“Whenever we approach the officials they convince us with verbal assurance and say that the dates of entrance w ( Heading) ( Heading)ill be notified in the coming two days. But the wait is not yet over,” an aspirant said and accused the directorate of admissions of buying time by giving false assurances to the candidates.

The aspirants said the delay in holding PhD entrance by KU has left them in a dilemma as they are not applying in the universities outside J&K.

“The University should have completed the whole PhD admission process in these six months but it is unfortunate that there is no headway for our entrance yet,” the aspirants rued.

Meanwhile, the Director (Directorate of Admissions and Competitive Examinations) in KU, Prof. M. Farooq Mir when contacted said the dates for the PhD entrance will be notified within a week.

“The entrance is conducted after we get data from the Dean Research department which we received only a week ago and were conveyed by them to hold the entrance. So we will notify the entrance date in the coming week,” Prof. M. Farooq Mir told Greater Kashmir.

When asked about the reasons for delay in notifying the dates, he attributed it to the printing of some confidential material by the Dean Research Department, which he said was time consuming.

“The experts (paper setters) are mostly from outside who do not respond promptly and are given repeated reminders by the Dean Research Department as they have their own priorities. This is the reason why it takes some time,” he said, adding that the blame for delaying the entrance cannot be put on Dean Research KU as well.

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