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Beacon House was built with the mission of producing morally upright, academically strong, and technically skilled students. The motto of the school is ‘Learn to demonstrate the truth’.
Conditioning students to learn and grow in every sphere of life to carry the nation forward through the years to come.
Conditioning students to learn and grow in every sphere of life to carry the nation forward through the years to come.Special arrangement

With its Motto ‘Learn to demonstrate the truth’, Beacon House Modern Secondary School of Education has come a long way to serve society in the education sector.

Situated in Beacon Colony of Ushkura area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla town at a distance of less than a kilometer on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway, Prof Abdul Hamid Chalkoo established the institution in the year 1994.

Producing a community of students skilled and styled to meet the requirements of today’s fast-evolving world. Conditioning students to learn and grow in every sphere of life to carry the nation forward through the years to come.


Prof Abdul Hamid Chalkoo (1939-2009)

Prof Chalkoo stands as an example of what he wanted the products of the school to be. Having an exemplary educational background which included an engineering degree from Osmania University Hyderabad and Master’s Degree from IIT Delhi in times when obtaining education from outside Kashmir was not a norm and a privilege of only a handful of people.

He worked as a Scientist at Cosmic Rays Research Laboratory Kodaikanal and Gulmarg. 

Prof Chalkoo then taught at Regional Engineering College Srinagar (now NIT) for some years following which he went to Saudi Arabia to work in the Ministry of Telecommunications as a top-ranking official between 1980 and 1994.

A voluntary departure from Saudi Arabia and his return to his homeland led to the establishment of Beacon House. Travelling to different places widened his insight about education and that gave him a different outlook on perceiving things. He wanted his experiences and know-how to be shared and taken to scale. To serve this purpose, setting up a school was his sole idea. 

Prof Chalkoo breathed his last on November 12, 2009 (23 Zi Qadah 1430).

Despite his death, Prof Chalkoo continues to be an inspiration for all those people who want to create a niche in the field of education.

Mission and Motto

Beacon House was built with the mission of producing morally upright, academically strong, and technically skilled students. The motto of the school is ‘Learn to demonstrate the truth’.

Beacon House aims at providing a true and practical learning experience to students so that they can demonstrate all that they have learned through their well-rounded personalities.

The school carries this mission with utmost dedication and sincerity. With the cooperation of associated stakeholders, the school aims to become a premier seat of learning.

Beacon House School has come up as a prestigious learning center since the days of its inception. Through all these years, the school has helped fulfill the promise of a better tomorrow. The continuous guidance by the school to the students all these years stands out.

Beacon House promises that it would never retreat from its sincere objectives of shaping the lives of children. The school believes that the active participation and sincere involvement of both the teachers at the center and parents at the periphery would carry forward the mission of the Beacon House patron.

Growing and Excelling

The golden years in school are not about lessons and homework but about growing and excelling in every way possible, to fit into the fast-changing and progressing world. The world is witnessing unparalleled changes in every field, where there is a struggle for existence, where the strongest and fittest are accepted and appreciated.

Beacon House claims to be dedicated to providing catalytic impulses to every child, to stretch his or her inherent learning competencies through a process of self-discovery.

The school believes in shaping the young minds of children to be humble, rich in moral values, meticulous in thought, systematic in planning, and smart in action.

Beacon House promises to undertake the challenging task of moulding young impressionable minds into valuable assets to society, precious gifts of mankind, and pride of the human race. The school provides holistic and quality education to the students.

Co-curricular, Traditional Activities

Apart from academics, the school is keen on co-curricular activities involving physical, social, traditional, and cultural activities. These activities help the young minds enhance overall personality and strengthen self-confidence, self-realisation, determination, and willpower. To embellish such qualities among young buds, the school commemorates celebrations quarterly with great zeal and zest.

Trekking, picnics, excursions, historical and botanical tours, and summer camps are also part of the school’s yearly programme. These activities form an integral part of the overall development of a child as they get adventured to the new horizons of nature.

Apart from that, the educators at the school engage kids in arts and crafts to help them express their intramural emotions. 

Beacon House bagged 1st position in one of the leading state-level events ‘MOUJ’ that was organised by the J&K Academy for Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) on May 8, 2022, at Tagore Hall, Srinagar.


Beacon House strives to carry forward its patron’s vision of education coupled with innovations being introduced in the field of education day in and day out. It believes that schools should not become institutions that limit the possibilities of the growth of children. They should be agents that aid the children in taking heights in their careers, in whatever fields they desire. The school aims at bringing out the best in students. It follows a plan of continuous assessment, identification of skills, working deficiencies, and providing clarity to a child about his positives and negatives so that he or she is ready to take his or her course in the future when he or she leaves the school. 

New Initiative

Educational institutions were hit hard due to different situations that cropped up, but Beacon House did not let that deter it. The school prepared all this to launch new initiatives, correct old mistakes, and formulate new plans.

As a result of that hard work, the school was able to start a new venture – ‘London Kids’ - the state-of-the-art preparatory school franchise to mould children from the age when they are most receptive to acquiring skills and to grow a product of children that are trained from the very beginning.

Beacon School went ahead with the establishment of London Kids Baramulla and with its non-stop efforts, the newly started institution has been able to carve a niche of its own and create its own space.

This new venture got an amazing response from the parents and the institution is developing with each session. 

Tie Ups

Beacon House has tied up with LEADs as an educational partner to provide the latest technological aids like smart classrooms, AV aids, and a new curriculum to make the education system more interesting and engaging.

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