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Complaints of technical glitches | Samagra Shiksha upgrading server of JK attendance App

Srinagar: In a bid to address the complaints of technical glitches, the J&K School Education Department (SED) is in the process of upgrading the server of the JK Attendance App. The online application was launched by the department to enable teachers to mark their attendance electronically to replace the years old manual system of attendance in schools.

Ever since its launch, the JK Attendance App has been plagued with technical issues, including frequent server downtimes and slow loading times. Over the past weeks, scores of teachers voiced their concern over the app's unreliability and demanded that the department should take action to address the issue.

"This App was a welcome step but the department has not yet made it fully functional because the App does not work at the time of arrival and departure from schools," said a teacher wishing not to be named. The teacher said they have to reach almost half an hour early in school in order to mark their attendance as the Application stops working at the actual time of marking attendance in the school. "We face the same inconveniences at the time of departure as the App stops working exactly at 4pm because all the teachers start marking their attendance and the server goes down. We leave 30 to 45 minutes late from the school," the teachers said.

Such complaints are pouring in almost from every zone and district with teachers demanding up gradation of the online App. In wake of this, the Project Directorate of Samagra Shiksha J&K is taking steps to improve the performance of the App by upgrading the server of the application which is expected to significantly improve the app's speed and reliability. The move will ensure that teachers can mark their attendance without any technical difficulties.

The server upgrade is expected to be completed within the next few days, after which teachers can expect a smoother and more reliable experience while using the app. "The issue has already come into my notice and we are on it. It takes time to improve things but the issue will be resolved within the next five or seven days," Project Director Samagr Shiksha J&K, Deep Raj told Greater Kashmir. "Around 1.10 lakh employees are registered on the App who hit the Application simultaneously in morning and while leaving from the school. With this the server remains loaded due to which the App stops working for five to 10 minutes," he said.

Deep Raj said they have decided to increase the capacity of the server by replacing 6core with 16 core. "Once the capacity of the server gets increased the App will function smoothly. Teachers need to wait for just five to seven days," he said.

Notably, the decision to upgrade the server of the JK Attendance App is a positive development for teachers who have been struggling with technical issues over the past few weeks.

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