GDC Ajas organises prog on Pahari folk songs

GDC Ajas organises prog on Pahari folk songs

Bandipora: The Government Degree College (GDC) Ajas Bandipora today presented a performance of Pahari folk song under India’s G20 Presidency.

The event was attended by a large gathering of students, staff. The programme began with a welcome speech by Ashaq Hussain Parray, Convener Seminar and Debates. He thanked everyone for their attendance and introduced the theme of the cultural program, which was to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Pahari Language. He then introduced the students who had been selected to perform the Pahari Folk Song.

The performance featured a group of talented students of 2nd Semester. They were dressed in traditional Pahari attire, which added to the charm and authenticity of the performance.

The program consisted of a series of Pahari Folk Songs, with singers introducing each song, providing a brief description of its origin, meaning, history, significance and cultural value.

The singers then began their performance, which was rich in melody and rhythm and was sung with great passion and intensity. The audience was spellbound by the performance, and their enthusiasm was evident from their applause and cheers after each song.

The program was a great success, and the students were congratulated by the Principal of the College Prof (Dr) Parveen Kousar and other staff members for their excellent performance.

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