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RCF is largest fast moving consumer goods suppliers in J&K, says young entrepreneur Syed Ali Razvi
Razvi rather than looking for a job with good benefits and the opportunity to become a homeowner, he claims to have aimed at seeking working freedom.
Razvi rather than looking for a job with good benefits and the opportunity to become a homeowner, he claims to have aimed at seeking working freedom.Special arrangement

For a young entrepreneur, Syed Ali Asgar Razvi of Magam area of central Kashmir’s district Budgam, chasing his entrepreneurial dreams saw a new height with the changing socio-economic scenario.

“There has been a massive shift in values. With the pandemic, you have learnt a lot of life lessons,” Razvi told Greater Kashmir.

Razvi rather than looking for a job with good benefits and the opportunity to become a homeowner, he claims to have aimed at seeking working freedom.

“Freedom of time and location and that is making me independent and self-reliant.”

The young entrepreneur from Magam area is on a mission to chase his dreams. Taking over his family business, Razvi, who was tried his luck in modelling in Mumbai, came to Kashmir and took over his family business. Razvi has a sizable following on social media networking sites and also inspires youngsters for chasing their dreams. He is seen as an influencer at his native town.

“See, everyone has some dreams somewhere inside of them. However, we allow a myriad of excuses to hinder us from chasing our dreams and most dreams die right where they started,” Razvi laments.

“I decided to challenge this notion. After venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and have accomplished a few things along the way,” he says, adding

“Being a serial entrepreneur means you have to give your best to target your goals and also take the task to the next level.”

For friends of Razvi, one can find him at the gym shooting hoops or spending time with my friends just like any other ordinary twenty something.

“I’ve taken over my family business and tried my best to bring some innovative changes. I love to mentor other entrepreneurs in their businesses. I’m just chasing my big dreams at this age entrepreneurial dreams were too big for the classroom.

‘Sponsoring events’

He says, his father, Syed Ibrahim Razvi, has been a beckon in all his endeavors. “My father has taught me to give something back to society.” “I am doing well in my business but that isn’t everything.”

The young entrepreneur has launched a series of events, including a cycling marathon to fight drug abuse.

“I recently held a cycling marathon. It was a unique cycling race, held from Magam to Gulmarg, which was aimed to keep youth at bay from drugs,” Razvi says.

He says that the race was aimed to attract the youth of Kashmir Valley to participate in sports activities. “This was the first race of its kind from Magam to Gulmarg as the famed hill station is located at an altitude of 8,700 feet above sea level.”

This 30-kilometer saw 43 cyclists in the fray, including national and international cyclists. “A lot of enthusiasm among the young cyclists was seen which was overwhelming,” he says. Razvi says that he was also aiming to organize women’s cycle races. Athletes from other states would also be invited.

He says that such events must become "an attraction for the most daring and adventurous cyclists in the world.

Soaring, jagged peaks contrast with vertiginous ravines, glaciers driving a chill wind, and tumbling aquamarine rivers.

"There is no place in the world that offers all these things," Razvi says. "We are aiming to make it our trademark and I am also doing my best to organize more events and give wider platform to the young talent of my district."

‘Chasing his dream’

He claims that Razvi Consumer Foods, one of the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Suppliers in Jammu and Kashmir, serves almost every district of the region.

He says that a network spread across the state, RCF Caters large and small scale enterprise, counting in thousands. Serving the valley since 1983, RCF expertise FMCG and Cattle feed both in retail as well as wholesale markets.

“RCF houses more than 10,000 Stock units which include products originating from Rajasthan, Gujrat, Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and other parts of the country,” he says.

“RCF also houses overseas products which mainly include coffee, Jams, Vinegar, candies, confectionery and Personal Care from countries like Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, USA, China etc. RCF modes both Wholesale as well as Retail business, one can step in for bulk as well as individual shopping.”

‘Social entrepreneurship’

Razvi says that social entrepreneurship represents a new organizational form reflecting a time of societal change--urging philanthropists to come forward and groom the local latent. He says that with the improvement of living conditions in many parts of the developing world, more people than ever before have the time, money, and access to invest in sport, physical activity, and wellness.

"Similarly we need to create avenues here. If the government fails at any point of time, businessmen, social entrepreneurs can fill the gap," he says.

"If we have talented young brothers and sisters with humble or poor backgrounds, it is our moral responsibility to help them and show them their dreams can come true," he said. This young social entrepreneur exhibits true energy and spirit to be there for the youth by sponsoring them for their dreams in sports.

He says that additionally, increased connectivity and information sharing has empowered those around the region, to learn more about the importance of physical fitness, health, and emotional wellness, and to understand how access to participatory sport impacts those elements of life.

"Entrepreneurship holds immense potential as a driver of economic advancement and social progress," he said.

Razvi is showing others how to promote young talent across the national and international platforms. In the last five years, we have seen a massive turnaround as top entrepreneurs like Razvi come forward for athletes in various sports, promoting them by helping them play at the National and international levels. This shows that India is changing and guarantees a safe future for sports.

"People like him (Razvi) invest in the right things, which is different from traditional businesses. He also shows a keen interest in music and wants to make a difference in the music industry as well," says Razvi's friend, Umer Ahmad.

"He is really doing an amazing job. Every year, he has kept a separate amount like CSR for helping and grooming local talent." With investors like Ali, taking a keen interest in promoting young talents gives athletes the boost and confidence to work hard on their games.

"It is great to be vocal for local initiatives by promoting young talents in various sports and helping them reach their desired destinations. We need more and more sponsors like Razvi to come forward and promote young athletes and take players to the international level from small towns and cities." Apart from maintaining an active lifestyle for himself and being a sports lover, he loves music. Just like sponsoring youngsters in sports, in the future, someday, he even wants to make a difference in the music industry.

"Celebrities have helped the sports genre to bring out the message and the struggle the athletes go through. I aim to promote and help in whatever capacity I can the young athletes of my area. We need to support the young athletes as they lack facilities," he says.

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