Skilling youth for secure future|Govt Degree College, Sopore to provide skill training under UGC National Skill Qualification Framework Community College Scheme

Skilling youth for secure future|Govt Degree College, Sopore to provide skill training under UGC National Skill Qualification Framework Community College Scheme

The skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economicgrowth and social development for any country. Presently, we face a demand –supply mismatch, as the economy needs more 'skilled' workforce than that isavailable. In the higher education sphere, knowledge and skills are requiredfor diverse forms of employment in the sector of education, health caremanufacturing and other services. Potentially, the target group for skilldevelopment comprises all those in the labour force, including those enteringthe labour market for the first time, those employed in the organized sectorand also those working in the unorganized sector. Government of India, takingnote of the requirement for skill development among students launched NationalVocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) which was later onassimilated into National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF).

In Jammu and Kashmir, out of 1000 persons in the age groupof 15-17 years, 555 persons are unemployed, while in the age group of 18-30years, 228 persons are jobless out of 1000 persons, therefore nearly 40 percentyouth, in the age group of 15 to 30 years, are unemployed in Jammu and Kashmir,as per government statistics. Whereas higher rates of un-employment are among10+3 College graduates which due their non-technical background are not able toget proper employment. Keeping same in consideration UGC has started communitycollege scheme to integrate relevant skills into the higher education system inorder to make higher education relevant to the learner and the community atlarge also to provide employable and certifiable skills based on NationalOccupational Standards  with necessarygeneral education to Senior Secondary School pass-outs, with general educationand /or vocational education background, to provide for up-gradation and certificationof traditional / acquired skills of the learners irrespective of their age, toprovide opportunities for community–based life-long learning by offeringcourses of general interest to the community for personal development andinterest, to provide opportunity for vertical mobility to move to highereducation in future and to offer bridge courses to certificate holders ofgeneral / vocational education, so as to bring them at par with appropriate

Keeping above in consideration proposal was submitted to UGCunder Community College Scheme UGC in pursuant to which four Skill Programmes /Courses has been sanctioned and approval of same has been given to be madeoperational from the academic session 2018-19 at Government Degree CollegeSopore with the intake of 50 students for each course on the following givenareas:

1.    RetailManagement

2.    InternationalBusiness Management

3.    Tourism &Hospitality

4.    InformationTechnology

The courses will be of Certificate / Diploma & AdvancedDiploma(NSQF Level 4 to NSQF Level 6) with multiple entry and exit options. Forstudents who enrol for Certificate Courses and continue their education for oneyear will be awarded Diploma, whereas student who continue their education fortwo years will be awarded advanced diploma. The National Skills QualificationsFramework (NSQF) is a competency-based framework that organizes qualificationsaccording to a series of knowledge, skills and aptitude. The NSQF levels,graded from one to ten, are defined in terms of learning outcomes which thelearner must possess regardless of whether they are obtained through formal,nonformal or informal learning, with the following specific outcomes:

a)    Mobility betweenvocational and general education by alignment of degrees with NSQF

b)    Recognition ofPrior Learning (RPL), allowing transition from nonformal to organized jobmarket

c)    Standardized,consistent, nationally acceptable outcomes of training across the countrythrough a national quality assurance framework

d)    Global mobilityof skilled workforce from India, through international equivalence of NSQF.

e)    Mapping ofprogression pathways within sectors and cross sectorally

f)     Approval ofNOS/QPs as national standards for skill training

Who Can Apply?

The minimum educational qualification for admission underthis scheme will be class 12 pass or equivalent from any recognized board oruniversity. Equal weightage should be given to vocational subjects at +2 levelwhile considering the students for admission into B.Voc courses for recognitionof skills credits. Reservation to SC, ST, OBC and PwD categories will beavailable as per the extant National / State policy. There shall be no age barfor admission in the skill-based certificate /diploma/ degree programmes underNSQF.

What are the benefits?

The courses are highly skill oriented, where prime focus isin developing/ upgrading skill as per industry requirements among the studentsenrolled. For every course curriculum/qualification packs along with identifiedroles has been developed in consultation with Sector Skill Councils whichcomprises of association of companies working in the concerned sectorempanelled with NSDC. Therefore, the industry – education partnership iscreating opportunities for the students to get acquainted with technicalitiesof the jobs, required skill and exposure by on job training and apprenticeshipsand also incorporating expert knowledge, views and experiences through guest /visiting lecturers by subject expert specialists. Most of the programmes arewith placement options also.

Other Achievements @ Govt. Degree College Sopore

1.    The College isempanelled as Registered Training Partner with National Skill Development Council(NSDC) GOI for imparting training on Skill Development on PMKY & Non PMKYSkill Programmes. Deptt. of Commerce & Management Registered as TrainingCentre with NSDC GOI.

2.    The College isempanelled as knowledge partner for various MSME Initiatives and schemes ofGOI.

3.    The TrainingCentre for Business Process Outsourcing is coming up for imparting training toyouth on IT Skills required in BPO Industry.

The author, an assistant professor of business management,is the nodal officer of the UGC NSQF Scheme at Degree College, Sopore

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