This class-9 student from Pattan designs ‘agriculture drone’

This class-9 student from Pattan designs ‘agriculture drone’

A class 9 student from Khore Sherabad, Pattan has designed adrone to help farmers in spraying pesticides in their orchards in a better andefficient way.

The unique innovation 15-year-old Aryan Khan has come upwith has been named as 'Agriculture Drone'.

"It is a quadcoptor, running on four rotors. It will helpfarmers in various agriculture activities but the main function is sprayingpesticides," says Aryan, while explaining his innovation.

"While spraying pesticides or nutrients in the orchards,farmers are not able to do that properly by the regular sprayers. Pesticides donot reach tree uniformly. Some portions of the trees remain dry, while a lot ofthe chemicals get wasted on the ground. This agriculture drone of mineaddresses that problem."

Aryan says the quadcopter with a range of about 500 meterswill save time, energy and pesticides to the farmers. "The sensors fitted inthe drone will allow it to spray only when it detects trees and foliage.Therefore there will be no wastage of the pesticide," says Aryan.

"It can also be used for aerial photography, but presently Iam not able to afford the camera required for it. Another benefit of this droneis that it can be used for controlling fire at higher attitudes."

Aryan, who recently demonstrated his innovation at a scienceexhibition, says it took him years of hard work to complete the design of the'Agriculture Drone'.

After working on the idea almost for three years, finally,his hard work was paid off in April last month, when he surprised everyone byhis unique innovation.

A student of Mohmmadia Education Institute, Khore, Aryan wasdeclared the topper at the science exhibition organised by New Era PublicSchool, Pattan and brought laurels to his parents and school.

"It was a science exhibition where many schools of TehsilPattan participated. I won first prize. Now I have registered at DIET (DistrictInstitute Educational Training), Sopore for the district level competition thatwill take place next month," he says.

Aryan has been very bright from his early childhood days."Aryan is very good in his studied and every year he stands among toppers inhis class. Fiddling with gadgets is his childhood habit. He has been makingdifferent things and also working as a technician at his own home by repairingelectric equipment's, cars and many more thing," says Aryan's mother, DilshadaAkhtar.

She is proud of the achievement of her son and wants thegovernment to help Aryan in developing his idea into a successful project.

"During the course of making this drone, I have learned manysoftwares, assembling hardware and making certain programs. Every time I wasfalling short of equipment and it took me more time in procuring the equipmentused in the drone.  This is my own ideaand I have worked on it singlehanded throughout all these years. I faced a lotof difficulties like the equipment used in it are not available in the market.Most of the time I used to order it online," Aryan says and adds, "My familysupported me through thick and thin without their support it would not havebeen possible for me to come in front of the world."

Providing the details of the equipment he used in theproject, Aryan says, "The drone is made up of 4 pieces 30-ampere esc, 4 pieces1000 kV brushless motor, flight controller, 10 inc propeller, 11.1v lipobattery." He says the range of the drone is up to 500 meters and takes theheight of about 100-150 m and can fly for up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Presently Aryan is modifying his design to prepare it formore competition and bring it to the best levels of efficiency.

Looking at the future, Aryan wants to keep on innovatingthings he has been dreaming of. He says the next immediate project is alow-cost electric bike.

"My next idea is an electric bike a chargeable one that willbe less prone to accidents and easily affordable to the common man but it needshuge financial help," he concludes.

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