Friday Focus|Celestial bodies & the orbits

…celestial bodies float in their own orbits
Friday Focus|Celestial bodies & the orbits
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Holy Quran besides its multiple attributes explains thenatural phenomenon, such as the floating of celestial bodies in their ownorbits:

''Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earthwere one mass and We tore them apart?  And We made from water every living thing. Will they not believe''(21:30)

Nature in its pristine form is unwinding of science—thescientific phenomenon. There is initially a query that in the face ofoverwhelming evidence that the nature holds of creation and creativephenomenon, do the unbelievers still not believe? The fact stands that entirecontinuum of universe remains fervently in action according to the naturalphenomenon, which is precisely programmed.

The query is extensive—do the unbelievers not understandthat in the initial stages of creation, the heavens and earth were one mass,which was parted, so that various celestial bodies start floating in their ownorbits. Water being an essential ingredient of every living being is a glaringnatural phenomenon. How can one not believe, given multiplying evidences of hownature operates?

The operative phenomenon of nature is further explained inthe verse that follows:

''And We placed on earth stabilizers, lest it sways withthem, and We placed therein signpost and passages, that they may be guided''(21:31)

Planet earth has been fashioned in such a manner, whereinfar from being swayed by the celestial bodies moving in their orbits, it isprogrammed to revolve as per natural dictates. Furthermore, it has signpostsshaped as mountains, which spring from the surface of earth, holding in theirbosom water reservoirs and minerals to sustain life. The passageways are thevalleys, the ravines and the plains, where life in all its forms abounds.

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