Big relief to exporters | KCCI successfully advocates reinstatement of DGFT’s export certification

Srinagar, Sep 26: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) has successfully argued for the reinstatement of its export Certificate of Origin certification authority from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), marking an important step that provides relief to exporters in the region.

This accomplishment comes after a brief time when KCCI was taken off the list for issuing export certifications.

Speaking to Greater Kashmir, KCCI President Javid Tenga outlined the chamber’s proactive approach to resolving the issue.

“We used our good offices to advocate for the reinstatement of Certificate of Origin, as we were delisted through no fault of ours,” Tenga said. “We raised the issue with the DGFT since they claimed to have issued KCCI 14 notices for onboarding. We told them, however, that we had not gotten any notices – not even a delisting notice – and that we had learned about it through the media. The assertion was authenticated by DGFT authorities, who determined it to be so.”

He said that the KCCI was still facilitating the certificates of origin for exporters throughout this time and that no exporter had experienced any issues as a result of the de-listing.

Certificates of Origin play a pivotal role in international trade as they establish the origin of goods intended for export.

These certificates are issued by chambers and councils approved by the DGFT.

KCCI faced challenges after being de-listed as an authorised chamber for issuing Certificates of Origin due to its failure to comply with the requirements outlined in Trade Notice No 42/2020-21 dated February 19, 2021.

However, the KCCI asserts that it never received the initial notice, as well as the subsequent 12 notices issued by DGFT throughout 2021 and 2022, along with two notices in 2023, all intended to facilitate compliance.

“DGFT has taken a proactive approach by granting KCCI additional time to complete the onboarding process with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). Following this, the DGFT will re-include the KCCI in Appendix 2E of FTP, reinstating its status as an authorised chamber for issuing Certificates of Origin,” Tenga said.

The KCCI in a statement has thanked Director General of Foreign Trade Santosh Kumar Sarangi for his responsiveness and prompt action in rectifying the situation.

The business community in the Kashmir region has collectively welcomed the DGFT’s decision, which is expected to streamline the export process for numerous enterprises.

Amid the celebration of this victory, the KCCI has also expressed its disappointment with the actions of “certain individuals who attempted to exploit the situation for personal gain”.

The chamber has extended its appreciation to its members and concerned members of civil society for their unwavering support during this challenging period.

KCCI Secretary General, Faiz Bakshi expressed optimism about the future.

He stressed the importance of maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements to ensure the smooth functioning of export operations in the region.

“This decision by the DGFT not only restores the KCCI’s role in facilitating trade but also underscores the significance of effective communication and collaboration between business chambers and regulatory authorities in promoting economic growth and stability in Kashmir,” Bakshi said.

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