Courier, logistics companies reviving slowly from 3-year slump

Courier, logistics companies reviving slowly from 3-year slump

Srinagar, Aug 27: Sheikh Samiullah, a young entrepreneur, co-founded FastBeetle courier company in 2019. Like other courier and logistic companies in Kashmir, he had to face tough times from 2019, first due to clampdown and then the covid19 shutdown.

He says that despite all the challenges they tried their best to keep business afloat and with respite in COVID, they are getting back to normal slowly.

“Year 2019 was the birth year of our venture but it was also most challenging. The communication blockade led to the total crippling of our company. At times we feared that we might wind up but as things came to normal we picked from where we had left,” he says.

“The Covid-19 shutdown and restrictions also halted our working but now we are getting back and even expanding. Our delivery boys had to face lots of challenges during lockdowns but we tried our best to reach customers despite the challenges,” Samiullah said.

He said that although at some point of time they had to temporarily lay off the staff but as the conditions were better, they got every staff member back.

“We have tied up with companies like Flipkart and Amazon. During Covid19, we improvised and added many features to our business to keep going. When the apple export was grounded in 2020, we helped the farmers deliver apple door to door which saved them from losses. Now as the situation is better we are expanding and opening new offices in Ladakh and other places,” Samiullah added.

Other courier and logistic companies have also begun to pick up. “In the peak of the Covid19, we used to deliver medicine. The customer would fear to receive it from us rather we used to keep it on doorsteps,” said Ishfaq Ahmed, Branch head, Ecom Express.

“After the three-year slump in our business, we are now getting back to normal working,” executive of a courier company said.

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