Govt exploring ways to blunt 3rd wave impact

‘Public dealings by unvaccinated people may be restricted’
Govt exploring ways to blunt 3rd wave impact
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Srinagar, Sep 4: As the cases begin to rise in Kashmir, J&K government is exploring ways to blunt the impact of the Third Wave. Restricting business, jobs and other activities of the unvaccinated people, eligible to get the jab as per current guidelines, is on cards.

Falling short of making vaccination mandatory, J&K government is mulling to restrict all kinds of public dealings by unvaccinated people above 18 years of age.

A senior official working in Health and Medical Education department said that a meeting was recently convened by the department to discuss the mitigation efforts against the Third Wave.

He said, in order to slow down and contain the spread of SARS-CoV2 infection in the community the government could impose restrictions on all activities for the population, however, the fully vaccinated individuals would be allowed to operate.

“The restrictions could cover employees and staff working in shops, restaurants, industries, factories, saloons, sports and recreation points, private organizations, tourism operators, transporters, vendors and other establishments. “Government and public department employees would also be covered and disciplinary action against the unvaccinated staff attending duties could be taken,” the official said.

The UT Government has recently directed schools to seek on site attendance of fully vaccinated staff. Healthcare workers and other frontline workers have been the first priority groups to get vaccination.

Nearly 1.8 lakh Healthcare Workers and 5.4 lakh frontline workers are fully vaccinated in J&K presently, official data states.

J&K government has increased the number of people getting vaccinated daily in J&K. As per officials over a lakh people will be vaccinated in the UT every day.

In the past one week, daily administered doses went over a lakh on many days. The impetus was given to vaccination, a senior official said, to cover a maximum number of people in the coming two weeks. “There have been instructions from the government to administer and cover everyone who comes forward for vaccination,” a senior doctor involved in the distribution of vaccines said.

Additional Chief Secretary Health and Medical Education, Vivek Bhardwaj said that there were indications of case rise in some areas of J&K and the government was continuously monitoring the situation. “We are working closely with all stakeholders and would take steps necessary to contain any future spread and rise,” he said.

He, however, did not acknowledge any plan for imposition of restrictions on unvaccinated population. “Our aim right now is to cover as many as possible in the shortest span of time and we are doing that actively,” he said.

He said adequate stock of CoviShield had been provided to the vaccination sites in all districts. Till date over 75 lakh people have received their first doses of COVID19 vaccine.

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