LG presents Gallantry Awards to Police personnel

LG presents Gallantry Awards to Police personnel
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Information Department

Jammu, Mar 14: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha presented Gallantry Awards and Distinguished Service Decorations at the Jammu Kashmir Police Investiture Ceremony held at Raj Bhawan on Tuesday.

An official spokesman in a statement issued here said that during the ceremony, 218 medals were conferred by the LG to the Police personnel. The President's Police Medal for Gallantry was awarded to Constable Imtiyaz Ahmad (posthumously for year 2019) who had was killed in the line of duty during a terrorist attack at SoG camp, Pulwama.

The medal was received by his wife Shahnaz Akhtar.

Police Medals for Gallantry were awarded to 157 Police personnel.

Police Medal for Distinguished Services were awarded to three retired Police officers.

Police Medals for Meritorious Services were awarded to 57 Police officers.

Among the dignitaries present on the occasion were Advisor to LG R R Bhatnagar and Director General of Police Dilbag Singh and other senior Police officers.

The President’s Police Medal for Gallantry (PPM-G) was given to Constable Imtiyaz Ahmad (posthumously) in the Year-2019.

Police Medal for Gallantry (PM-G) were given to Sgct Rajinder Kumar (posthumously); DySP Irshad Hussain Rather (now SP) JKPS085564; SSP Imitiyaz Hussain Mir, JKPS992020 (BAR TO PMG); SI Manzoor Ahmad, EXK001898; SSP Abdul QayoomThakoo, (now DIG) JKPS993299 (BAR TO PMG); late HC Bashir Ahmad, ARP901306 (the award was received by his son Suwaid Bashir); SgCt Zakir Hussain Mir, EXK076823; and SI Arif Ahmad Sheikh, (now Inspector) EXK109225.

For the year 2017, the awards were given to HC Nissar Ahmad EXK022433 (now SI); Sgct Nissar Ahmad (now HC) ARP078607; HC Ghulam Ahmad Malik, (now ASI) EXK982357 (BAR TO PMG); DySPIftkhar Ahmad, JKPS116073; SgCt Suresh Singh, (now HC) ARP997586; SgCt Gurjeet Singh, (now ASI) EXK981536; ASI Fayaz Ahmad, (now SI) EXK045780; DySP Irshad Hussain Rather (now SP) JKPS085564 (BAR TO PMG); Inspector Irshad Ahmad Reshi, EXK001962; SI Nazir Ahmad Kuchay, (now Inspector) ARP046126; Sgct Shakeel Ahmad Mir, (now HC) EXK972249; Inspector Dilraj Singh, EXK002361 (BAR  TO PMG); HC Manzoor Ahmad, (now ASI) EXK983549; DySP  Zaheer Abbas, JKPS116054; HC Selender Singh, (now SI) ARP931810; SgCt Manoj Kumar, (now HC) ARP975867; DySP Imtiaz Ahmad, JKPS125810; DySP Mumtaz Ali, JKPS116040(BAR TO PMG); SgCt Manzoor Ahmad Malik, (now HC) EXK126604; SI Nazir Ahmad Kuchay (now Inspector) ARP046126 (BAR  TO PMG); DySP Amit Verma, (now SP) JKPS085558; Constable Shakil-ur-Rehman, (now ASI) ARP036261; SI Pankaj Sharma (now Inspector) ARP046140 (BAR TO PMG); ASI Rakesh Pandita, (now SI) EXK971285 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Zaheer Abbas, JKPS116054 (BAR TO PMG); SI Davinder Singh, (now Inspector) ARP115630; ASI Faisal Khan, (now SI) EXK973379; SgCt Muhammad Hussain Wani (now HC) EXK984253; DySP Sajjad Ahmad Malik JKPS125719; DySPTanweer Ahmad Jeelani, JKPS125816 (BAR  TO PMG); HC Ram Lal (now ASI), ARP901313; DySP Tariq Ahmad Wani (now SP) JKPS085569; DySP Muhammad Nawaz Khanday, JKPS125736; Inspector Irshad Ahmad Reshi, EXK 001962 (BAR TO PMG); DySPTanweer Ahmad Jeelani, JKPS125816 (2nd BAR TO PMG); Constable Vinny Safaya, (now HC) EXK118894; SgCt Tariq Ahmad, (now HC) EXK085788; and SgCt Jagjit Singh, (now HC) ARP066285.

For the year 2018, the awards were given to SSP Shridhar Patil (now DIG) IPS109745; Inspector Masrat Ahmad Mir, ARP026108; DySP Muhammad Shafiq, JKPS116207 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Baljit Singh, JKPS116206; DySP Parvez Ahmad Dar (now SP) EXK931888 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Shahzada Kabir Mattoo, JKPS125843; DySP Mir Murtaza Hussain Sohil, JKPS116043; SP Harmeet Singh (now SSP) JKPS013475 (2nd BAR TO PMG); DySP Satish Kumar, JKPS127950; Constable Muhammad Ashraf Chatwal, (now Sgct) EXK126303; DySPShafat Muhammad Najar, JKPS116075; Constable Deepak Kumar, (now Sgct) ARP097928; DySP Shabir Ahmad Khan, (now SP) JKPS116028; HC Hilal Ahmad (now ASI) EXK977853; HC Farooq Ahmad Mir, (now ASI) EXK026145; DySPShowkat Ahmad Dar, JKPS116067; DySPAjaz Ahmad, JKPS125830; DySP Javaid Iqbal Tabassam , JKPS125737; SI Mudasir Naseer, (now Inspector) EXK109165; DySP Baljit Singh, JKPS116206 (BAR TO PMG); SgCtParvaiz Ahmad, (now HC) EXK097103; DySP Muhammad Shafiq, JKPS116207 (2nd BAR TO PMG); SgCtReyaz Ahmad (now HC) EXK971469; Constable Sajad Ahmad Yatoo, (now  Sgct) EXK112228; DySP Shahzada Kabir Mattoo , JKPS125843 (BAR TO PMG); DySP  Parvez Ahmad Dar, (now  SP) EXK931888 (2nd BAR TO PMG); Sgct  Sunny Bhat, (now HC) ARP095510; Constable Bilal Ahmad, (now Sgct) EXK126289;

ASI Muhammad Ayaz Daing, (now SI) ARP952656; SP Nasir Ahmad, EXJ935872 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Kuljeet Singh, EXJ955464; HC Farooq Ahmad Mantoo. (now SI) EXK012574; DySP Sajad Ahmad Sheikh, JKPS116055; SP Dawood Ayoub, JKPS045850, Inspector Gurdeep Singh, ARP046132 (BAR TO PMG); Sgct and Opr Sajad Ahmad Khan, (now HC) TEL107589; Constable Dawood Ahmad Bhat, (now SgCT) EXK095744; DySP Rashid AkberMakaye, EXK001961 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Sandeep Bhat,  (now SP) JKPS116025; SI Kuldeep Kumar Koul, (now Inspector) ARP046125; DySP Mir Murtaza Hussain Sohil, JKPS 116043 (BAR TO PMG); Inspector Ashaq Hussain Para, EXK001757; SI Muhammad Iqbal, (now Inspector) ARP119315; DySPAjaz Ahmad, JKPS125830 (BAR  TO PMG); Constable Javed Ahmad Khan, (now Sgct) EXK106694; DySPGowhar Ahmad Khan, (now  SP) JKPS085557; Constable Irshad Ahmad Wani, (now Sgct) ARP078815; SP Dawood Ayoub,  JKPS045850 (BAR  TO PMG); Constable Rayees Ahmad Bhat, (now Sgct) EXK105456; HC Muhammad Hussain Wani, (now SI) EXK973356; DySPFayaz Hussain Shah, JKPS116021; HC Abdul Rehman, (now SI) EXK962181; ASP Ashish Kumar Mishra, (now SP) IPS136010.

For the year 2019, the awards were given to Follower Nazir Ahmad Lone, EXK993935; Inspector Tasleem Ahmad EXK001779; Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gillani, ADGP IPS941234 (BAR TO PMG); SSP Shridhar Patil, (now DIG) IPS109745 (BAR TO PMG); SSP Altaf Ahmad Khan (now DIG) JKPS993592  (BAR TO PMG); Inspector Zulfkar Ali, ARP046146; SI Subzar Ahmad Sheikh, (now Inspector) EXK117836; HC Aftab Aslam, ARP031447; Sgct Tejpal Singh, (now HC) ARP075960; SP Sheikh Zulfkar Azad, (now SSP) JKPS013524 (2nd BAR TO PMG); Inspector Mehboob Hussain Banday, EXK002159; Constable Badder Hussain, (now SgCt) ARP001673; Constable Ajaz Masood Chacket, (now SgCt) EXK116546; Constable Naseer Ahmad Beigh, (now SgCt) EXK125860; SgCt Muhammad Rameez Bhat  EXK076825; SI Iftikhar Ahmad Badam (now Inspector) ARP115585; ASI Abdul Ahad Baba, (now S.I) EXK911251; Constable Akeel Ahmad Malik, (now Sg.ct) EXK095881; SP Ashish Kumar Mishra, IPS136010 (BAR  TO PMG); DySPAzhar Rashid Teli,  JKPS135823; DySPSachit Sharma, JKPS135821; ASI Muhammad Ashraf Baba, (now SI) ARP872281; Follower Salinder Singh Bali ARP 126218; Sgct Jatinder Singh Gaddi, ARP085492; SgCt Muhammad Shafi Bhat, EXK116228; SgCt Ramees Ahmad Bhat, EXK098063 (BAR TO PMG); HC Nisar Ahmad Dar, (now ASI) EXK991268; DySP Sayed Zaheer Abbas Jafari, JKPS116057; Constable Muhammad Yaqoob Jehra, (now SgCt) EXK021859; DySP Ghulam Muhammad Bhat, JKPS116044; SgCtYog Raj, ARP035642; DySPShafat Muhammad Najar, JKPS116075 (BAR TO PMG); Inspector. Nisar Ahmad Bhat, ARP046110 (BAR TO PMG); SgCtSakit Koul, ARP095488; SI Sanjeev Dev Singh, ARP996974; HC Arfat Ahmad Rather, (now ASI) EXK108383; SgCt Farooq Ahmad Khan, ARP076086; DySPAfrat Hussain JKPS125811; SI Masroor Ali Wani, ARP109301; ASI Manzoor Ahmad Lone, (now SI) EXK926081; Constable Zahoor Ahmad Lone (now Sgct) EXK116547; Constable Mir Ishfaq (now Sgct) TEL107138; DySPShowkat Ahmad Dar, JKPS116067 (BAR TO PMG); SgCt Haneef Muhammad Bhat (now HC) EXK135681; Constable Hilal Ahmad Misgar  (now Sgct) EXK106535; SgCt Muhammad Rameez Bhat EXK076825   (BAR TO PMG); DySP Satish Kumar, JKPS127950 (BAR TO PMG); SP Pram Vir Singh Balwal (now SSP) JKPS017333 (BAR TO PMG); DySP Syed Javeed Ahmad, JKPS116036 (BAR TO PMG); SI Amjad Hussain Mir (now Inspector) EXK109479; Shahzada Kabir Mattoo, DySP, JKPS125843 (2nd BAR TO PMG);  HC Muneer Ahmad Bhat, (now ASI) EXK971982;

G V Sundeep Chakravarthy, IPS SP; ASI Ghulam Muhammad (now SI) EXK865567; SgCtFeroz Ahmad Lone (now ASI) EXK972661; ASI Irshad Ahmad (now SI) EXK972130; DySP Mir Murtaza Hussain Sohil 116043 (2nd BAR TO PMG); SSP Muhammad Yousif 017324 (BAR TO PMG).           

For 2018, the Police Medal for Distinguished Services (PPM-DS) was given toIGP Joginder Paul Singh SPS-96 (now retired); SSP Bashir Ahmad Khan, ARP825435, (now retired); and DySP S Bhawani Singh, MES835873 (now retired).

The Police Medal for Meritorious Services (PM-MS) 2016-2017 was given to Nisar Hussain Drabu, Director Prosecution Kashmir (now retired); DySP Riyaz Ahmad Bhat, ARP901618 (now retired); DySP Tariq Khursheed, ARP901965; ASI Reyaz Ahmad Shah, EXK831300 (now SI); Director Pros. Pawan Kumar Gupta, PHQ (now retired); DySP Aijaz Ahmad Mir, (now SP) EXK901914; HC Angrez Singh Manhas, EXJ875808 (retired as SI); DySP Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Retd. EXJ865562 (now retired); SI Irshad Ahmad Jan (now Inspector MEG-821308) (retired).

For the year 2018, the awards were given to DIG Abdul QayoomThakoo, JKPS993299; SSP Mehmood Ahmad, JKPS993301; SSP Joginder Singh, JKPS993417; SSP Imtiyaz Hussain Mir, JKPS992020; SSP Ramesh Kumar Angral, JKPS991789;

DySPJagdev Singh, (now SP) EXJ905448; DySP Zahid Saif Wani, EXJ915553 (now retired); DySPFeroz Ahmad Qadri, EXK901536; DDP Laeeq Ahmad Dar, PRO951949; Inspector Akshay Khajuria, (now DySP) ARP983930; Inspector Jagdeep Singh, EXJ966329 (on deputation to CBI); Inspector Ashok Singh Jasrotia (now DySP) EXJ936088; SI (M) Seema Bakshi, MEG926038; SI Baghdad Hussain Shah, EXJ795617 (now retired); ASI Balbir Singh, TEL977482; ASI Sarfraz Hussain, (now SI) EXJ945422; HC Sunit Singh, ARP841492 (now retired); DySPBushan Kumar Ganjoo, (now SP); Inspector Dinesh Sharma, (now DySP) EXJ955482; Inspector Rajesh Anand, (now DySP) EXJ956527; HC Jagdev Singh,  ARP921462; HC Ashok Kumar Raina, (now SI) EXK873117; and SgCt Abdul Hamid Beigh, (now HC) EXK983691.

For the year 2019, the awards were given to SSP Rashmi Wazir, JKPS995590; SSP Roop Raj, JKPS997739; DySP Varinder Kumar, MES935985; DySP Syed Mohi-ud-Din Andrabi, ARP911773;    Inspector (M) Nazir Ahmad Yatoo, (now DySP(M) MEG941437 SDRF/HG; ASI Bhikam Chand, (now SI) ARP835926 (retired); ASI Reyaz Ahmad Shah, (now SI) EXK922258; ASI Sunil Jalla, EXK966290; HC Nisar Ahmad Bhat, EXK931447; HC Darshan Lal, EXK895674; Sg Ct Syed Muzamil Shabir,(now HC) EXK973313; SSP Shailender Singh, JKPS992997; late Parshotam Lal Jammu, DDP ZPHQ (the award was received by his wife Dr Jyoti Kiran); SSP (Telecom) Rakesh Kumar Dhar (retired); SSP Tejinder Singh, (now retired); CPO Aejaz Ahmad,  (now DDP); DySP Devinder Singh, EXJ955771; Inspector Vishal Shoor, (now DySP) ARP985505; SI Mohinder Pal Ramdasi, ARP955436; ASI Tej Krishan Pandit, PHQ J&K (now retired); ASI Muhammad Sadiq,  (now SI) ARP831877; HC Abdul Hamid Mir, EXK972215; HC Tej Krishan, (now ASI) EXK861361; SgCt Ravinder Singh, EXJ-996783; and SgCtSusheel Kumar, (now HC) ARP996899.

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