Of open drains and dog attacks | Injured minor loses battle with life after 13 days

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Representational Photo

Srinagar, June 9: Tragedy has struck a Batamaloo family after a 10-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries at Children's Hospital, Bemina days after falling into a drain while being chased by stray dogs.

Stray dogs chased Ahmad Bin Javaid, a 6th standard student from Baran Pathar area of Batamaloo along with other kids when he fell into a drain and was admitted to hospital on May 28.

Though he was rescued from the drain, Ahmad lost his battle with life after 13 days at Children’s hospital here in Bemina.

Earlier also, there have been many cases of children dying due to dog bites and falling into drains after being chased by stray dogs.

Executive Engineer, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Asrar Ahmad told Greater Kashmir that this drainage was above the ground and was important for the clearance and could not be covered.

He said that this drainage was not on the road as the construction work for the Doodh Ganga project was going on at this site.

"It is very unfortunate that the boy had gone from that side. Usually, people do not walk from that side. This is not a common drain on the road," he said.

Raising concern over the increasing dog bite cases and deaths due to it, HoD Community Medicine, Government Medical College (GMC), Dr Saleem Khan told Greater Kashmir that the increasing number of stray dog population across Srinagar was reaching a level of becoming a major public health concern, while measures of Animal Birth Control were too insufficient to cater to the exponential growth of the stray dog population.

Dr Khan said that other measures like owning stray dogs and establishing dog pounds were not viable in Kashmiri society.

"Collectively, the stakeholders need to take stringent measures to reduce human-dog conflict causing threat to limb and life of humans. The scientific disposal of municipal wastes also needs to be prioritised as haphazard disposal of household wastes and other wastes from food establishments attract packs of dogs, making human movement through such areas vulnerable," he said.

Dr Khan said that the tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to address the issue of stray dogs in the region and to ensure the safety of residents, especially children.

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