Reality Check: SMHS Hospital ‘stinks’, rats have a field day

Reality Check: SMHS Hospital ‘stinks’, rats have a field day

Srinagar, July 24: Poor drainage and filthy toilets welcome the patients at the SMHS Hospital, Srinagar while the poor drainage system around the hospital premises also takes a heavy toll on patient care.

The attendants at the hospital have to play hide and seek as the rats enjoy a field day inside many wards of the hospital.

"I visited the hospital a few days ago and had to spend my time with rats moving freely in the wards. The rats have caused damage to the beddings in the wards due to which patients may get infected during their stay at the hospital,” said Idrees Ahmad, an attendant.

Besides unhygienic wards, the washrooms of the hospital are out of order, giving a tough time to the patients.

"I was surprised to see that none of the washroom or toilet facilities were in order at the hospital. Instead, the concerned staff has dumped waste blankets and other disposals in the washrooms making it stinkier,” he said. The hospital has poor adherence to the COVID-19 protocols which raises apprehension about the spread of COVID-19 within the hospital premises.

“Visitors without a mask are denied entry to the hospital. It’s a good move but on entering the hospital building, one finds most doctors and paramedics without masks,” Ahmad said.

The patients and the attendants complained that keeping the hospital clean and in hygienic condition was not a priority for the hospital administration.

"Cockroaches and rats can be found in every corner and at times rats roam beneath the beds, creating panic and chaos among the patients admitted to the ward," said Muhammad Salman, another attendant.

The drainage system of the hospital has become stinky and produces foul smells all the time, giving a tough time to the patients.

“Sitting near the drain, the foul smell can make you fall unconscious. It has become a cesspool,” another attendant complained.

Medical Superintendent SMHS Hospital, Srinagar, Kamaljeet Singh told Greater Kashmir that the drainage system was being taken care of by the Urban Environmental Engineering Department (UEED).

“We have written letters to them repeatedly but there is no outcome," he said, expressing helplessness.

However, he said that the hospital has clean washrooms and did not respond to the query about the presence of rats in the wards.

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