SETTING STANDARDS | J&K pays higher wages to labourers than big states: RBI

SETTING STANDARDS | J&K pays higher wages to labourers than big states: RBI
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Srinagar, Feb 11: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has revealed that workers in Jammu and Kashmir earn greater daily earnings than those in other large states and Union Territories (UTs) in India.

According to the RBI data, Kerala, J&K, and Tamil Nadu are the states and UTs with the highest daily wage rates for workers, but industrialised states like Gujarat and Maharashtra, where wages are lower, are leading in luring investments.

When it comes to the daily earnings of the labourers, J&K is the highest paying among all UTs and ranks second among states and UTs.

It is the primary factor driving thousands of seasonal or migrant workers to J&K in search of work.

The building industry in Kashmir is heavily reliant on these migrant workers. Locals claim that Kashmir has seen an increase in the number of migrant labourers over the years. Tourist destinations are dotted with non-locals in addition to the construction industry's extensive presence.

There are lots of people pushing wooden carts serving street cuisine to satisfy varied palates.

According to the most recent edition of the RBI's compendium of statistics on Indian states, in FY22, J&K's average daily wage for construction employees was higher than the national average.

According to the data from FY22 gathered by the central bank, a construction worker's daily compensation in J&K was Rs 524 as opposed to Rs 250 in Tripura, Rs 267 in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 296 in Gujarat, and Rs 362 in Maharashtra.

Construction workers in J&K made an average of Rs 524 per day, making J&K the only other region where the average daily income was more than Rs 500.

The average agriculture daily pay in India was Rs 323.32.

Only 10 of the 20 states and union territories analysed pay higher wages than the average in the country.

Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Karnataka, Kerala, Meghalaya, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu are among them.

J&K is one of the top five states and UTs in terms of farm income in the nation.

After Meghalaya with Rs 29,348, Punjab with Rs 26,701, Haryana with Rs 22,841, and Arunachal Pradesh, J&K is ranked fifth in the study with Rs 19,225.

At Rs 4895, Jharkhand has the lowest monthly income.

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