Surveillance grid at LoC robust, its improvement is a dynamic process: Army

‘No successful infiltration in Keran Sector’
Surveillance grid at LoC robust, its improvement is a dynamic process: Army
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Pharkai Keran(Kupwara), June 24: Stating that there was no successful infiltration in the Keran Sector, Army on Thursday said that the surveillance grid at Line of Control is robust and its improvement is a dynamic process.

“The surveillance grid is robust at LoC and its improvement is a dynamic process,” Commander 268 Brigade, Brigadier Tapas Kumar Misra told a select group of reporters here. “ It is an evolving process.”

The Brigade is responsible for manning over 60 kilometre long LoC in Keran Sector which had proved one the favourite routes for infiltration during the last over three decades.

“We have intercepted infiltration attempts twice,” he said, adding, there are no reports of any successful infiltration.

“How many times we have got inputs that someone has got across us successfully, the answer is nil,” he said. “There has been no successful infiltration from our area.” He said adding that it is their endeavour to ensure zero infiltration. “But one can never say for sure. We are up to the challenge.”

About a recent encounter in Jamagund area of Keran Sector, Brigadier Misra said it is very difficult to say whether it was a fresh group or not.

“Yes, we get the inputs about the presence of terrorists at the launch pads. But, we won’t actually know how many terrorists are sitting there,” he said. “That is the job of some other people to provide us with the intelligence.”

“While we cannot be sure about the inputs we get, we cannot overlook them. So, we have to be alert.”

Asked if there has been an increase in the number at the launch pads, he said, they haven’t had any specific input to confirm or deny it. “Whether there are five or fifty, for us, it translates to the same amount of work,” he said. “So long that there are terrorists at the launch pads, there is a probability that somebody may come into our area, and, therefore, we have to be alert.”

About the ceasefire, he said that so far, there has been nothing to say that the ceasefire has not been holding on. “It is holding on well. There has been no incident, from both the sides, which is in violation of the ceasefire agreement,” he said adding that when there was no ceasefire, there used to be exchange of fire and probably, someone might have got help to infiltrate. “It is very difficult to correlate the two directly. The dynamics are different. In infiltration, you need to find a place and walk through it. In the ceasefire, the two sides are engaging with each other.”

Commander 268 Brigade said that no drone spotting takes place in the Sector. “If somebody comes, he will be hit down. If somebody comes, we can detect it, we can see it, we will bring it down,” he said.

Life on the LoC, he said, is challenging. “ But, it is a positive challenge, which you are happy to take on as it is our job to man the borders,” he said. “Once you are here, the mind is working only on how best to ensure that the domination remains and that nobody gets through.”

Asked about the logistics as the terrain is difficult and weather cuts it off, he said: “Some areas are cut off, but, when we feel that it is likely to be cut off, ration is stocked. There never comes a situation where you are on a post and there is no food left,” he said. “That situation, generally, never arises. We are there for them. It is our job to ensure that troops are well fed, well stocked and they have everything they need to fight in terms of equipment, ammunition, batteries, it is all available. Yes, there are logistic challenges, but there are solutions to those challenges which are always put in place before the challenges start.”

The senior Army officer said that the population is minimal in Keran Sector. “Our engagement with the population over the years has been fantastic and we get very positive vibes from them,” he said. “ We are interwoven together.”

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