‘Traditional politics deceptive, our politics realistic’

Altaf Bukhari addresses public rally at Nowgam
‘Traditional politics deceptive, our politics realistic’
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Srinagar, July 24: Denouncing political deceptions by the traditional political parties in J&K, Apni Party (AP) President Altaf Bukhari Sunday said that time had come for people to decide whether they want to continue falling prey to deceptive politics or choose to support the realistic politics for a better future.

A statement of the Apni Party issued here said that addressing a public rally at Nowgam in Srinagar where locals and party workers gave a grand reception to the Apni Party leader on his arrival at the venue, Bukhari advised the people to learn from their past experiences and refuse to fall prey to the political gimmicks of the traditional parties yet again.

Earlier, a procession of a highly-charged crowd raising slogans in Bukhari’s favour took him up to the rostrum in an open jeep.

Addressing the gathering, Bukhari said: “You have been always hoodwinked by the traditional political parties in the name of alluring slogans like plebiscite, autonomy, self-rule, Azadi, and so on. They misled you for their political gains all these years. Enough is enough. Now, you should be able to say no to the further political exploitations, and refuse to fall into the trap of emotional sloganeering and deceptive promises by these parties and their leaders.”

Referring to the forthcoming assembly elections, the Apni Party President said: “People of J&K are about to enter a crucial phase where people’s vote will decide their future. It is up to you, whether you choose those who have been deceiving you all these decades, or you will vote for a better alternative. You must understand that the forthcoming elections are a fight between the truth and falsehood. Those who are promising you the moon and stars are misleading you. People have already suffered hugely due to their deceptive politics. Please, do not trust them again. Earlier, you had no options, but, now you have the Apni Party as an alternative. This party is with the exception that it does not lie to its people. We make only attainable promises to you. We do not believe in unachievable goals and emotional slogans, which have ruined the lives of the people so far. Thousands of our youth have landed either in jails or graveyards only because of the emotional politics and misleading slogans by these traditional political parties.”

He said: “Had these traditional political parties given a chance to a fair democratic system to grow, Yasin Malik would have not been in jail at this time, nor would Syed Salahuddin have been isolated from his motherland. These people had expressed their faith in the democratic system here but the traditional political parties disheartened them by historically infamous rigging in the 1987 polls. That is why I say that these traditional parties and the so-called leaders are responsible for the suffering and deaths that the people of this land were subjected to during the past more than three decades.”

Describing the agenda and vision of the Apni Party, Bukhari said: “We have an unambiguous agenda and policy. We want to work for sustained peace, durable prosperity and the development of J&K, and the political and economic empowerment of its people. These are achievable goals and we have a clear vision about how to implement our agenda on the ground provided people give us a mandate in the forthcoming assembly elections. I assure you that we will work to ensure the protection of the political rights of the people of J&K. The Apni Party, if elected to serve, would ensure peace and prosperity here and we will make sure that the benefits of peace and prosperity reach every citizen irrespective of his or her religious identity and political ideology, or geographical location in J&K.”

He said: “We live in an era where economic empowerment is most important for the people. Economic freedom and prosperity must be a priority for us as well. The Almighty has given J&K huge potential for economic growth and wellbeing. If the Apni Party comes to power, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure all that potential is utilised to its fullest to benefit the people of this land. We have huge natural resources which mostly are yet to be explored. For instance, we will use J&K’s hydroelectric generation capability to its fullest. We will enhance the potential of horticulture and agriculture here. We will pave a way for the huge investments into J&K. All this will eventually enable us to create modern infrastructure and plenty of job opportunities here. This is how we want to ensure the economic empowerment of our people. At the same time, we will strive for the protection of the identity and political rights of the people.”

Bukhari said: “Apni Party’s government will give free electricity up to 500 units to each household in Kashmir during winters and in Jammu during summers, and up to 300 units of the free electricity would be given consumers in Kashmir during summer and the same amount of the electricity to the people in Jammu in winters. Also, we intend to enhance the old age pension from the existing Rs 1000 up to Rs 5000 a month, and marriage assistance for the girls from Rs 50000 to Rs 1 lakh to each beneficiary. Similarly, we will give four free gas refills annually to every household in J&K. All these initiatives will be taken to lend a helping hand to the people of J&K who mostly have been grappling with things like poverty, unemployment, and inflation for quite a long time.”

He expressed his gratitude to the people for the rousing reception.

Bukhari said: “I thank you for the love and affection. In recent times, we held several rallies in various Srinagar constituencies like Eidgah, Zadibal, Hazratbal, and now in Nowgam, and received warm greetings from the people. Such gestures from our people in Srinagar indicate their approval of the policies and agenda of the Apni Party.”

Senior Apni Party leaders Ghulam Hassan Mir, Dilawar Mir, Rafi Ahmad Mir, Javid Mustafa Mir, Muhammad Ashraf Mir, and others were also present on the occasion.

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