Bengali friend knows no whereabouts of Kashmiri friend

I am from West Bengal.
Bengali friend knows no whereabouts of Kashmiri friend
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Greater Kashmir Team,          

I am from West Bengal. My friend is from Kashmir. From past 7 days I am unable to contact him. I am worried about him and his family. Someone of his family has serious medical issues. I don't know how to contact him.  I know there are many people like me who are feeling frustrated in this situation. 

Broadband services are restored then what about the people who cant afford internet service?

It is unethical to snatch basic rights whenever the higher authorities want without even prior information. Some Government spokesperson told "It will be restored within a day or two".

Really? Its been three days from the announcement.

It can't be a solution in long run. Now-a-days one of the basic amenities is mobile connectivity.  This is the fundamental right of every single person. Its not right to just snatch mobile connection when friends and families need to communicate with their need and dear ones in Kashmir.  So I would like to convey my sincere request to concerned authorities to please restore the mobile connectivity as early as possible. 

Atleast for the sake of humanity. Please

With regards

Mili Ghosh

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