Phone gag: Kashmiris outside running out of money, worried about families

Greater Kashmir has been receiving hundreds of emails and phone calls every day since past more than a week from Kashmiris studying or working in India and outside.
Phone gag: Kashmiris outside running out of money, worried about families
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Greater Kashmir has been receiving hundreds of emails and phone calls every day since past more than a week from Kashmiris studying or working in India and outside.

While some students complain of running out of money, others are worried about the well-being of their families back home due to communication gag imposed by the authorities.

We are reproducing some emails here:

Since we cannot reach out to our families since last week we are worried about their safety and also running out of money. We request the state govt to restore the phone gag in Kashmir

Students of J&K from Chandigarh colleges

I have no contact with my family and friends from eid…..I am studying in Allahabad.


We are studying out of state and we couldn't contact our family and relatives from last several days.

We are also facing shortage of money. We could not buy books & other things here

Students from St soldier Jalandhar

Ummar ayoub 

Junaid naik

Umar gulzar

Siraj majeed

Naveed ahmad kuchay

I'm in Bangalore for studies. I have no contact with my family. Please restore the network in Kashmir. We have no money. Please restore it in this midnight it my humble request to govt.

Aiyaz Mohiuddin

Kashmiri Students unable to pay examination fee in Universities and colleges of Punjab

Punjab Patiala, September 18: Scores of the Punjab Kashmiri students on Sunday expressed the grief regarding their inability to pay the examination fee and other charges of the universities and colleges due to lack of communication with parents by government.

These students have contact with their families since the Eid -Ul- Adha eve.

We are making this humble request to the Government of India and Government of Jammu and Kashmir to restore the Mobile network signal. 

Aaqib Hamid

We the students currently studying at JAIPUR are worrying about our parents and our relatives. Our  examinations are approaching & we lack our interest In studies because of this phone Gag .As we hear about the clashes going on at various palaces reported by the newspapers, we lose our peace of mind. We request the authorities to please restore at least the incoming call facilities so we can again be in touch with our families.



Greater Kashmir is the only hope.

Sir please post this in your daily Greater Kashmir newspaper.. An appeal to govt of J&K. We are students of Kashmir studying outside our state in Greater Noida. Due to blocked Mobile network and Internet services we lost contact with our families. We have no information regarding them and are really very worried about them.

Many Students among us, mostly freshers, are suffering from mental depression as they are not able to talk to their families.

So through Greater Kashmir, the only hope for us, we want to appeal govt to restore  at least the mobile network in kashmir so that we can contact our families, about whom we have no information. Please sir post it in your paper.

That will be your most kindness towards us.


Sir ,

We are students from Kashmir studying in Haryana. We don't have mone . We can't  contact our family coz of ban on network in kashmir.

We have not talked to our family from last 7 days.. we request you to please publish this news. And  forward this tou kashmir govt so that we can feel better here.


Sir with great regard we r the students in Punjab facing too much problems and since a week we r not contacted our families and feeling worried about them and missing our motherland and mostly my grandfather was too much I'll and I don't know about him whether he is or not that will be ur most kindness to forward this to govt to restore phn system fast as soon as possible.   

Rouf Ahmad Bhat 

Sir. We are near about 300 students in Aryans Group of college chandigrah running out of money and number of students are sick. We all are worried about our loved parents. We want to talk with them so kindly share it.

Tariq Nabi 

Mir firdous 

wani siraj

We the students of Quest Group of Institutions Chandigarh are very much concerned about our families. We don't know de whereabouts of our dearer ones. Some of us are facing financial problems and we are not able to pay our rents. GoI has kept us at bay from the last week even on de special occasion *EiD* we were not allowed to greet our kiths and kins. We appeal the government kindly show some humanity and lift the ban on communication system instantly.

#Zahid #Danish #Asif #Ubaid

Sir we are kashmiri students Studying in Ludhiana punjab college GGI under PTU jalandharwe worried about our families appeal for restore network 

Dear sir,

We we don't know about our families how are they we don't have any contact with our familes…

Ishfaq ahmad…..

It's too hard to live out here without talking and without knowing wellness of our families. We are still waiting to wish them Eid Mubarak so i request Govt authorities please and restore mobile phone 

irshad akther

from kupwara 

studying in doaba college in chandigarh

Sir, i am afaq khurshid from russian we are studing  here . Sir we face lot of problems here due  to no contact of my parents  we don't  know how they are n we don't  have any transaction  in our ATMS so sir  its ur humble  request  to forward our mesg

I am a Kashmiri working in Delhi, I have no touch with my loved ones since 12th sep.2016, I have still to wish them Eid Mubark.

I feel so helpless, Please foward our appeal to govt. authorities to lift the unreasonable blockage of phone services in kashmir.

Thank You,

Zaffar Hamed

Sir we are suffering a lot here in lucknow from past 1 week we are unable to talk to our family and we belong to the most volatile area ie palhallan everytime we hear a little bit news about our hometown it pinches us a lot.Please sir u are our last hope to forward our complain.we want nothing except the restoring of incoming calls so that we can call our parents..

With deep regards

Fayiq farooq,Asgar hussain,jahangir alam

We r at bangladesh… It seems we have been cuted from our families..we r facing alot of financial problems here..we even didnt wish our families on eid…We request govt to restore phone services in kashmir..plzzz nd plzz restore phone services, we want know abt the well being of our families.

Navi Marazi

Sir we r studying in dehradun we r running out of money from last five days because we r unable to contact our parents so it is our request to state and central goverment to restore  mobile services in kashmir

((Waseem Moho ud din ))((mohin ))

 umer nazir)) ((sohail)) ((musaib ))

We are studying in Rajasthan and still waiting to wish our families Eid Mubarak but couldn't due to communication blockage ….Is this really a democracy I think it isn't becoz my teacher's had taught me something else what democracy is…

We request the Govt please please end this communication gag now

We the students in dehradun are worried about our families.We  have not been to talk to our families from last one week.So we want to send this message through GK to the government that please please and please restore mobile services as soon as possible at least please restore incoming call facility so that we can talk to our families.


Wani Suhail

We Kashmiri students Studying in Dehli NCR  worried about families appeal for an end to phone gag

Dear sir,

We The Kashmiri students, pursuing studies in Dehli NCR , particularly in the Faridabad, are worried about our families as we have no contact with them from Eid, we demand an end gag on mobile and phone services in occupied Kashmir.

Before three days Govt Spokesman  told that Mobile network and Broadband service will be restored in one or two days but nothing happen.

We request the authorities that restore the Mobile services so we can contact with parents relative. It's too hard to live out here without talking to our loved ones and without knowing wellness of our families. We are still waiting to wish them Eid Mubarak .


Mohammad Owias Ismail 

I am from odisha and I not able to reach to my dear ones in budgam. Please i appeal to the concerned authorities to restore the mobile services as soon as possible. And please donot ban it whenever you want. We are humans and its every single human basic right . Please dont deprive the basic human rights from us to be connected with our family. 

Thank you

Hello sir,

I am a kashmiri currently studying in Dehradun India.

I just want my message to be conveyed.

I haven`t talked to my parents since 2 weeks and i know nothing about their current situation.

My college fees is pending and i dont have any money on me and i dont know what to do either.Their are a lot of kashmiris here but they were ashamed to tell this to anybody.

Sir i request you to submit some kind of article in your newspaper about the concerning students outside kashmir and please pass this message to some senior officials explaining them our current situation.

One More thing sir please dont disclose my email id or name 

Thank you.

We the  youths of Kashmir working in Dehli…we are not able to contact to our family from last couple of days .we dunt know how z our family in this situation…..even we did not wish our family on EID……is this a democratic country.we request the govt please restore the mobile services at least incoming facility….please post this news on humanity basis.

Thank you

Umer farooq

Assalam u alikum..

I am Sameer hassan dar from beerwah budgam Kashmir studying biotech in dehradun.indehradun about 200 students are studying in different collages and due to phone barrage we are unable to contact our parents and we don't know anything about our families as well as we are facing the money shortage which is our basic problem and we think that if in next few days the problem is not solved then we will be in huge trouble….

We requests the editor greater Kashmir to publish an article about it…so that the authorities will aware about the matter….


Sameer hassan.

Dachan beerwah budgam Kashmir…

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