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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent as a blessing and a guide for the people to show them the right path, writes Ashiq-ul-Islam.<FONT style=...

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent as a blessing and a guide for the people to show them the right path, writes Ashiq-ul-Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent by the creator and sustainer of this universe to guide the people towards the right path, the way to paradise. He was very merciful to his ummah. He would preach the people to embrace Islam and abandon idol worship. Some people embraced Islam and some resented him as he was against their idols whom they considered as gods. Some unbelievers stoned and teased him. In fact he had to face many difficulties to spread Islam. But Allah's grace was always with him, so he could illuminate the candle of Islam completely.
The Holy Quran mentions in his reference, "Wa ma arsalnaka illa rehmat-ul—lil alamin" (Oh Prophet Muhammad (SAW) we sent you for the world as blessing). When the Arab turned against him and unbelievers of taif threw stones at him, he bled from head to feet, and there came an angel to seek his permission to strike the mountains on the opposite sites of the valley against each other so that the wicked people would be crushed to death. But see the mercy of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), the embodiment of peace, did not let the angel to do so and said the angel, "I have been endowed with the title of "rehmat-ul-alamin" so it won't be right on my part to let you crush them, may be their coming generation embraced Islam"
Hazrat Hamza (RA), the respected uncle of revered Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was martyred and hacked into 72 pieces before embracing Islam.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wept on his uncle's departure and mutilation of his revered body. But after sometime Hinda regretted a lot and sought pardon from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) about this abominable act. She approached the prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was certainly enraged at hinda but even then didn't offend her and pardoned her. So, she embraced the Islam. If we preview the life and character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) we come to know that his life and character is Quran itself as has been mentioned by Hazrat Aisha (RA). When she was asked about his character, she answered that Rasullah (SAW) was the best guide to the people. He taught us how we live and behave with other people and with our neighbours etc. He advised us to live a pious life. It has been mentioned in Quran ,"Oh prophet Muhammad (SAW) tell the believers to lower their gaze when they happen to pass by any strange girl or women, and women should also reciprocate" .We should follow the teachings of Quran and hadith in letter and spirit.

(Ashiq-ul-Islam is Student, Department of Islamic Studies, Kashmir University)

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