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What lies ahead for the new American President remains to be seen, comments Hem Raj Jain.  For the last one week India is registering stron...

What lies ahead for the new American President remains to be seen, comments Hem Raj Jain.

 For the last one week India is registering strong opposition and even sending warnings (of chances of relations going sour) through its electronic and print media against Obama's remark so that his desire to solve Kashmir problem (in order to relieve Pakistan from pressure from Indian side of border so that Pakistan, an ally of USA in its 'global war against terrorism' can concentrate on Afghanistan border, which is going to be Obama's main thrust of his foreign policy) may not culminate into his resolve to do so. India is reportedly even sending a team during November, 15 world summit (to resolve global economical / financial crises) of G-20 in Washington in order to talk to Obama's team so that Obama can be dissuaded from intervening in Kashmir problem when he occupies White House in January 2009.
 But Obama need not be deterred by India's grumblings on Kashmir because Obama will succeed in his four year term in office only by removing USA's fundamental weakness, as given below:-
 As for resolving the global economical / financial crises any US Prez will keep it on his top priority. But now this problem will take care of itself and it does not need an Obama to solve this problem. Because now entire world is sieged of the problem and is trying for its solution which is evident from the fact that Central (Federal, Reserve) banks of most of the countries have already started the jugglery of reducing CRR, SLR, Repo rates etc. Such problem can be avoided even permanently in future if countries decide to convert fixed deposits / loanable funds of banks / other lending institutions into shares.
 Therefore Obama ought to concentrate his time and energy mainly on removing the fundamental weakness of "Isolationist mindset of Americans" which is the root cause of not only this financial crises but most of the political / military problems faced by the world (and also by UN) including disgraceful position of USA and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.
 This "Isolationist mindset of Americans" is (i)- mainly due the the mindset of Europe (from where its influential forefathers, who mattered, originated) which goes to other part of the world out of economical motivations and not for political considerations. [Even in India it was East India company which brought entire undivided India under the rule of Britain but after two world wars when Britain got opportunity to shape India as per its political ideals Britain ran away from India (though Indians never raised guns against Britishers) by dividing India on communal lines against Britain's avowed policy of secularism (ii)- partly (as some will argue) due its geography of water locked country and (iii)- finally due to its meek submission to propaganda of the weaks that it is evil for the powerfuls to rule the world, without realising that it is the moral duty of the powerfuls to rule the world with justice because that is the only way the weaker section of the mankind gets the opportunity to imbibe the best pat of the culture and ideologies of the powerful people.
 For the benefit of the entire mankind USA and its allies of developed countries could have easily prevailed upon political system of the world through UN with the instrumentality of UN Human Rights Commission by developing a mechanism for the enforcement of human rights in all the UN member countries even in case where government / State of member country denies these human rights to its citizens. But USA and its allies of developed countries (out of their isolationist mind set) allowed UN to be rendered ineffective by taking lame excuse of so called sovereignty of member countries (majority of which can't protect it on their own) through optional protocol OP1 to covenant on civil and political rights (where erring countries are ridiculously given the veto power whether to allow UN to intervene even in blatant violations of human rights or not). This created an anomalous situation even in India where during 2002 thousands of innocent Muslims were butchered in Gujarat even with the complicity of Indian State but UN (an euphemism for US and its allies) remained a passive spectator by taking an excuse of this OP1.
 USA ought to realize that USA being the country on whose soil is UN, has special responsibility than the permanent & other members of UN to ensure that UN succeed in its mission of realising not only its ideals of human rights but also other ideals which are worth pursuing for the mankind.
 The suggestions gaining round in media that once governments of India and Pakistan agree to reduce their military on Kashmir border, this Pakistan military can also be utilized on Afghanistan border, is simply absurd and to this suggestion India will never agree. Because whether reduced military on Kashmir border will help Pakistan at Afghanistan border or not but it will certainly increase infiltration in India from Pakistan side.
 In this context Obama ought to intervene (notwithstanding India's unethical grumblings) in Kashmir problem so that the issue which has already consumed the lives of one hundred thousand Kashmiris finds an everlasting and peaceful solution.
 While solving this Kashmir problem Obama ought to keep in mind that neither India nor Pakistan are interested in solving Kashmir problem (their peace talks for the last eight years and which are likely to consume many such eight years are merely an euphemism for delay tactics) and Kashmiris are thoroughly exhausted to try any worthwhile solution to Kashmir problem. Therefore in deference to only these 1,00,000 Kashmiris who laid down their lives for Kashmir solution, Obama ought to carry out this thankless job of achieving a Kashmir solution.
 There is one more rider here. Obama need not under estimate the wild reaction of Indians against any intervention by USA in Kashmir problem. India of 2008 is quite different from pre-partition India. Now apart from non-violent resistance (of Mahatma Gandhi's brand) India does have powerful militant resistance too to offer by Hindu fundamentalist / nationalist variety, also through various out fits of Sangh parivar. USA ought to realize that India considers entire J&K (including Pakistani side of Kashmir) as its integral part and will never allow, come what may, India's further dismemberment or dilution of its territorial integrity / sovereignty in any way. Of course there is one silver lining in this rigid attitude of Hindu majority India that India still considers that the last world on India' partition is yet to be written and United States of Democratic Secular SAARC countries may not be a distant & non-feasible dream.
 There is one more reason that Obama ought to intervene in Kashmir problem. Indian subcontinent with 1.2 billion democratic, secular globalising India as its nucleus will decide many of the political and economical principles and policies for most of the remaining developing countries of the world to emulate once the overwhelmingly huge dust which is bound to be created by "US intervened (preferably through UN) Kashmir solution" settles down.

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