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This is in response to column Salt and Pepper by Dr. Ajaz Baba (GK 22-10-2006) Where Have All the Beggars Gone?. They are with us only please come to our Medical Institute, Soura, Oh, don’t worry,...

This is in response to column Salt and Pepper by Dr. Ajaz Baba (GK 22-10-2006) Where Have All the Beggars Gone?.
They are with us only please come to our Medical Institute, Soura, Oh, don't worry, May God keep you in Good health always. Our security in SKIMS is very tight. They don't allow any Aira Gaira to come in. But there is a proverb where there is will there is way. You go to different wards now. You will find all those baggers there. They don't go to homes now. There is a shift from homes to hospitals and religious places too. In spite of security check, they make their place and get in. They say, Aaney Waley Apne rah Bana he laity hain.
Listen this story. Four well dressed elderly persons came to my friend's home. After a few we meaning questions made their entry in to the house. Presented one Jaye Nimaz to my friend and gave little bit Shirini and Tabruk to her then demanded 4000 to 5000 rupees from her, telling that we have to do a Niyaz on her husbands name. She refused and did not pay money. After that they, wanted to leave the house. Before leaving they demanded back the Jaye Nimaz and tabruk, which my friend had kept inside. She brought it back and they left. Who were they? Yes, they were beggars rather thieves made entry in to the house in an honorable way, taking help of religion. Why should one give his/her hard earned money to these thieves? Who collect money in the name of religion? Regarding your coins. They will not accept coins, because they have enjoyed big, big paper notes by cheating. You can throw coins to those who are on the streets with a thali or piece of dirty cloth. They can't get up on their feet, because they are crippled and handicapped. They deserve the big notes. But big notes are being taken up by big thieves. We all must have seen the persons on a wooden piece fitted with four wheels. They deserve our big notes. They never give you back even if you thrown a coin of 50 paisa. I think we must keep our big notes and coins for them only. Why should we give our hard earned money by Halal Means to those cheaters we have to educate our elder's parents, our children they shouldn't fall pray of these thieves? There is one more category still, who takes large amount of money for providing jobs.
Regarding Yateem Trusts these days people know their responsibility towards orphans. All the trusts have given the responsibility of collecting money to some respectable and responsible persons. Have you ever met their duplicates? In this computer age you need duplicates in every sphere of life. Recently I personally met one duplicate while doing some shopping. He was collecting money in the month of Ramdhan from all the shop keepers in the name of Bar Barshah Yateem Trust. I asked him to show his identity card and of course the receipt book of Yateem Trust that he failed to show. While I was talking to shop keeper that Gojri speaking HATA KATA man vanished from the sight.
If you have time please read this Para also. If you are fond of music come to my office. There is a path way for the patients and attendants. You can find ladies of all age groups singing more nice and sweet than nightingales and of course non Kashmiri. Our security attendants are always after them to evacuate the place but they are so arrogant and confident, never bother for any security. They are helping our patients to make their pockets lighter in weight. So Dear Dr. Ajaz your question is replied this way I suggest you to start a research work to find more beggars in homes, hospitals and religious places.

(Zubeida Akhter is Dy. Nursing Superintendent, SKIMS Sours Srinagar)

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