Does the solution lie in boycott?

No it doesn’t. There is a need to take a fresh look at the situation and act accordingly, comments Fida Iqbal.  Kashmir imbroglio created b...

No it doesn't. There is a need to take a fresh look at the situation and act accordingly, comments Fida Iqbal.

 Kashmir imbroglio created by India, Pakistan and some vested interests within the Kashmir has taken a chronic shape and even recent American presidential campaign was not spared from the menacing shadows of this vexed issue. America's president elect Barak Obhama's remarks about Kashmir in his address signifies the importance of this issue in ensuring long lasting peace in the world. It is being acknowledged by one and all that Kashmir can prove to be the flash point of any bigger conflict within the region and has got enormous potential to trigger a discord of greater magnitude. Knowing all these facts parties directly concerned with this issue should have put in their extra efforts to resolve it to the best wishes of all concerned but unfortunately both Pakistani and Indian political systems use it as fuel to keep their political hearth on fire. A big chunk of socio political band of exploiters within Kashmir has always used this matter for their nefarious designs and petty political considerations.

 Recent Amarnath land row was the creation of vested political interests in collaboration with some other elements of dubious character. They orchestrated this issue; extracted maximum mileage out of it and now they have buried it so as to move forward to the greener pastures of authority and power. In between the lines younger generation of Kashmir derived sense of responsibility and launched a bigger non violent agitation of their own without any political leadership. It was a spontaneous reaction to many issues and major out of them was economic blockade engineered by some radical political elements by coercing the people of Jammu. This non-violent agitation was subjected to extreme force and thus many precious lives of scores of young people were put on alter of political ego and high handedness. So intense was the people's confrontation that so called mainstream politicians got washed away with the people's tsunami and few opportunists changed their tune and pitch to blend with people's voice. During the peaceful resistance separatist political groups jumped into the fray to salvage their marginalised political position and tried to provide a leadership and no doubt people welcomed them with open arms. But alas! Like their earlier narcissist and egoistic behaviour and approach they lost the track and failed to provide a viable and politically mature leadership. Hurriyat lost in so many chaloes and ultimately they were made to say 'chale chalo'. Instead of move forward and move backward Hurriyat was supposed to pool their ideas, policies and evolve a multi pronged strategy of consensus. Putting on designer clothes and gowns and delivering flaming speeches with a hidden passion for ego and narcissism can not create a situation and strategy to fulfill the long pending aspirations of people of Kashmir.  They could not harvest the people's overwhelming support, enthusiasm and rejuvenated resolve to settle the Kashmir issue amicably and peacefully. Kashmiries had for the first time in history come out in such numbers to impress upon their big brothers to resolve Kashmir problem once for all in the best interest of people of India, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir and above all for the long lasting peace in the subcontinent. Hurriyat failed miserable and at significant occasions they could not hide their differences thus giving way to opportunistic political vultures on the prowl.

 Recent uprising during Amarnath row left an indelible mark on the political psyche of both Pakistan and India along with the international forums and they were compelled to issue assurances and make special mentions in their political activities. In Kashmir it was a different story. On one side Hurriyat was ailing and the so called mainstream political system connived with the Kashmir think tank in Delhi to mislead the sensible elements within the corridors of power and governance. Every one knows about infamous Kashmir coterie in Delhi who had never allowed people of Kashmir to live peacefully even within the union of India. A major force within the coterie put the right example of 'is ghar ko aag lagi ghar ke cherag se'. They could not fulfill their political aspirations in the state and thus exploited their pedigree sheets along with their in-born traits of deceit to create a niche in the corridors of power in Delhi at the cost of poor Kashmiries. No sensible Kashmiri can deny that there is a big voice of compassion and accommodation within the system of India but till this core group is around Kashmir issue will as usual either be thrown in the backyard or subjected to misconceived political adventurism.

 People who were roaring in the parliament the other day started waging their tail in front of the pari of power forgetting about those fiery discourses on television shows. This father son duo played typical characters of   Kashmiri folk theatre 'hamaim', and 'damim', one blowing hot and other cold. The other prominent but lately introduced institution of exploitation represented by father, daughter duo did not lag behind they changed their voice, dress code and what not to befool the common Kashmiri. It will be unrealistic not to mention about those hot communists, opportunistic Luqmaans and Hakeems. These shameless politicos have defeated even the world's best and efficient turncoats by negating their earlier statement within no time. The euphoria behind mass movement is fading it is a fact now and who withered it we all know but loosing heart will amount to negation of facts and faith. May be people of Kashmir have to face more tests and sufferings before the dawn of justice and righteousness. Mainstream lions, crocodiles, cats and many more are shifting from roars of right of self determination, autonomy and self rule to mews of hakumat, kursi and mae khaier panas (me and only me).

 Boycott in a democratic system is a right but unless and until there will be no coercion from any side even from those who profess boycott. Under present circumstances boycott has served no purpose for last two elections. Boycott has served only these paper lions, political thugs and exploiters. Even registering of few votes on the voting machines does not deny a particular person to get elected to assembly, and stories of political rags to riches can be located and seen prominently in previous elections. Rather we should believe this theory now that political thuggery engineer situations which lead to low voter turn out and thus they make it to assembly and parliament easily jut by few votes cast by their near and dear ones and cronies. It is also a fact that if elections in Kashmir are confined to the routine local governance and no other political meaning will be derived from or ascribed to it people of Kashmir won't be averse to elections and even the separatist leadership has shown the same inclination in this matter. But when the mainstream politicians make it to power, they again shift from mews to roars of atoot anng with a justification that mandate was not only for local governance but it was a referendum for all pending issues.

 Now let us analyse this exceptional situation where stage is set for the elections, mainstream politicians have deceived the Kashmiries, Hurriyat has failed to give a proper shape and direction to people's sentiments and ultimately common man has lost. In America history was created by choosing a black to the highest seat of power and it amounts to a complete revolution but it was possible only when all exploited, underprivileged and common man stood behind Barak Obham like a rock , they voted en-mass to give Obhama a virtual landslide victory. In present elections people of Kashmir can propose and elect an honest, upcoming group among the younger generation for governance of day to day affairs by casting their vote in favour of them en-mass and that will be a vote against exploiters and negation of calling these elections referendum for resolution of Kashmir issue. Along side we should continue our legitimate quest to fight for justice in a peaceful but vibrant way. This will be the only slap in present situation on the ever changing face of oligarchy of political thugs and exploiters and will convey a message to the world that we are not bunch of extremists as many of them consider us but we are lively nation with aspiration to live in peace with honour.
This is a suggestion which can be considered on merits and should not be construed as deviation from the path of righteousness and fight for justice, lest these roaring and mewing politicians will dub us otherwise.  

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