Kashmiri, our sweet mother tongue

 Kashmiri language is in trouble. It is spoken as an amalgam and has got mixed up with other languages. Number of words used colloquially in it today may not be understandable to a large folk...

 Kashmiri language is in trouble. It is spoken as an amalgam and has got mixed up with other languages. Number of words used colloquially in it today may not be understandable to a large folk of our society. We feel shy to speak fluent Kashmiri.
 It is highly deplorable that in our fast life where the consciousness and way of life have radically changed our Maje Zaev (Kashmiri language) which is deteriorating day by day and facing many difficulties. In our homes, the state of Kashir Zaban is like that of a daughter-in-law who hasn't brought along enough Dowry. We have no emotional attachment for it whatsoever. We feel shy and absurd to converse and to exchange our ideas in this lucid language because doing so seems like an insult to us.
 How long will the Kashmiris be unacquainted by their outlook. Being Kashmiris we are losing our language despite using it overtly as our own. For instance, ask a student in school to say and write Kashmiri words like Kunweh (Unees-19), Kuntreh (untess-29) and Truwuh (teayes-23) and other such words respectively. They won't be able to write in Kashmiri. However, this could have been easy for them, but it is not their fault. The fault lies with us. The reason why they aren't able to do so is because of our negligence. It is perceived that at least two languages in the world get diminished every year. If we make our best efforts to attain and adopt our sweet mother tongue, we shall certainly achieve success.
 Children are basically compelled by their school authorities to speak Urdu or English from ten to four and it's very unfortunate that they are forced to speak the same even at homes. How can we expect them to speak in Kashmiri? Unless this language of ours is not respected and spoken with love, we won't make any progress. Every body seems to be talking vehemently about its empowerment and frequent usage, but nobody is ready to speak out his emotions and thoughts in Kashmiri. Nobody is ready to stop their children from going to leading and legendary schools where ban is imposed on speaking in Kashmiri language. In spite of abject poverty parents send their children to these missionary schools. Being Kashmiris we are supposed to speak in Kashmiri and encourage our children also.
 It is rightly said that if you want to demolish a nation, demolish its language first. This aphorism coincides with the present dismal scenario of Kashmiri language. We only occasionally express ourselves this language.
 Although Urdu is an official language but it doesn't mean that our sweet mother tongue should get contaminated. In Kerela literacy rate is almost cent percent but Kerelites speak as well as write in their own mother tongue i.e. Malayalam. A teacher, an orator or elocutionist there speaks fluently, persuasively and with deliberation in their mother tongue.
 It is worthwhile to mention here that Kashmiris have not only neglected Kashir channels on TV, but they also aren't able to get the meaning of a Kashmiri song aired on TV. The Kashmiri books in our libraries and in syllabi are not read. Foreign books written in English are studied more here and when some foreigner visits, we change our language quickly besides forcing them to change their language. Let's join hands to encourage use of Kashmiri language and love our sweet mother tongue.
(The writer is a Teacher in Paradise Public High School, Watergam and can be mailed at manzurakash@yahoo.co.in)

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