The ‘iron man’ of Gurez

People of Gurez will remember him as a benefactor of a downtrodden and neglected lot. Zahid Samoon pays tribute to Haji Abdur Rahman Kaloo.They say death keeps no calendar...

People of Gurez will remember him as a benefactor of a downtrodden and neglected lot. Zahid Samoon pays tribute to Haji Abdur Rahman Kaloo.

They say death keeps no calendar. Every one of us will taste death one day. Some die young while some live for longer period of time. But the ultimate truth of life is that death never spares anyone. It is good actions of a man which remain forever in both the world and hereafter. Some people live for themselves while others live for the welfare of humanity. Only few people fall in the latter category. And these are the people who are real treasures of this world. Loss of precious things always hurts. We lost historical treasure we had till now. So it hurts us.
This time whole of the Gurez Valley is in gloom as one of the unsung heroes of Gurez left this world on 01-10-2009 at an age of 106. Hajji Abdul Rehmaan Kaloo lived his life for the welfare of poor people. He was a living history. But Alas! We lost him to the cruel hands of death. People will remember him as a benefactor of downtrodden and neglected lot. Although from the richest family of Gurez, he served the poorest section of the society.
He was son of Habib Kaloo, the richest man of Gurez during Dogra rule, who looked after whole of the Gurez Valley. Hajji Abdul Rehman Kaloo gave away his land for the welfare of common masses. Presently the land occupied by Gurez Hospital, Sheep department, and other government offices was given free of cost by him. He saved his people from the atrocities of unruly tribals. During the tribal invasion, Gurez remained under the occupation of Tribals, who inflicted all sorts of oppression on the poor people. By dint of his intelligence and courage he saved his people. He was a staunch supporter of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah during his life time.
He uplifted many orphans and helped many widows to settle down in life, by providing all sorts of monetary and non-monetary support. He remained head of all Panchayats in Gurez for many years. Although, he was offered many Governmental Jobs, that too at higher posts by the Government of his time, but he preferred family business. People usually pay tributes and respects to political leaders and forget the real hero. We should remember that these people are the backbone of any society.
Today we pay rich tributes to our Messiah and role model, Hajji Abdul Rehman Kaloo. We can't get you back but we can trek on the noble path you showed us. We will work on the ideals of Islam and will work for the welfare of humanity. With moist eyes we say good bye to you. For coming generations you will inspire us to follow the way of Islam and self sacrifice.
I request the Government and our local MLA to Name the Government Hospital of Gurez after Hajji Abdul Rehman Kaloo. It will be a great tribute to our hero. We pray that Allah forgives his all sins, if any. And shower his choicest blessing upon him in paradise. Ameen

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