We will have to be seriously concerned about our future, comments Syed Arshad Hussain Kashani Kashmir Administration is the comedy of errors. W...

We will have to be seriously concerned about our future, comments Syed Arshad Hussain Kashani

Kashmir Administration is the comedy of errors. Why this? The men in charge of the governance are generally filling the gap which the otherwise suitable men are not attempting. They find their place for the top jobs which otherwise need specific and specialized professional keeping in view the advance the rest of the world is making. With the result we are pushed back at all fronts. We were victimized because we lack the able administration to negotiate the matters on the merits. We are being engaged in rhetoric by the men in power, diverted from the real issues using meaningless slogans and finally we see day by day our position is deteriorating. A particular slogan is crafted then acted upon and the produce is the 5 yrs of unchallenged rule for them as we do get influenced by guile and gimmickry. Politics has become now a potential career option which ensures a luxurious life, a life above the law of land and comes with the bonus of fame and authority. Now our policies are influenced by Mohalla presidents of the particular party. He has the say in administrative affairs so what if he is to offend the learned men of the field. He has the last word in the issues. When the fate of the state is left at the mercy of the policies like that, the chaos is no surprise. It gives some credence to the separatist camp claim that election here makes no difference as who rules because in essence it is the central rule here and election for the Assembly gives the local face to it. Today we are blessed with the ruling class which simply acts as the clerks of New Delhi, receiving regular dictates from them and passing forward the same. No specific program visa-vis Kashmir centric is traced here and we are loosing the game at the fast pace. There is cultural invasion, the Muslim culture and identity is ruthlessly attacked and the administration acts as mute spectator if not the culprit. Our moral values are being eroded. What made Kamal Atta Turk take stern steps to enforce in Turkey (i.e. he strictly prohibited Islamic injunctions in the public life to make a free society) is already welcome here. Atta used the force in lethal way to take the Islam out of the public life and gave a complete unIslamic look to Turkey. The program is on here and Attas of Kashmir are invisible. On the economic front we are loosing out heavily, the import and export ratio of the state should give sleepless nights to any one with some hold on commerce. We fail to utilize the natural resources to our advantage. Baghliar has been rendered as a non issue. We have been already cheated at Uri project owing to worst bargaining potential of all times of the men in charge. This is the tip of the ice berg, what lies beneath is the organized set up taking Kashmir far away from Islam, Muslims and Kashmiris. Kashmir is a cow milked by New Delhi and Kashmiris are left thirsty for the water. One of the reasons that contributed towards the debacle of puritan Taliban rule was their poor handling of administration and other fundamental skills. Though militarily controlling Afghanistan, they lacked badly in administration and as such they relied on others for the sensitive issues who ditched them when it mattered the most for them. Pakistan army lifted the top planners from Jalalabad soon after US invasion leaving the Taliban fighters in disarray and finally that resulted in military loss and loss of control over Afghanistan. The leadership has to be balanced with feet firmly on the ground. Demanding plebiscite may prove costly within short span of time if administration is surrendered or left at the mercy of those who act clandestinely to change the Muslim majority status of Kashmir. Election or no election, there will be the men available with state subject certificate hanging around their neck in the decorated chairs. Just election boycott is not the only solution as SASB issue vindicated that. Time is there where we have to look beyond elections and think seriously to protect out future. Administration is to be taken seriously, neither allowed to be hijacked nor surrendered. (Feedback at (

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