The other side of 9/11

There are a whole lot of things which sound abnormal about 9/11 and the whole media especially western media is mysteriously silent about it. They make a lot of noise about so called “freedom of spe...

There are a whole lot of things which sound abnormal about 9/11 and the whole media especially western media is mysteriously silent about it. They make a lot of noise about so called "freedom of speech" but when it comes to 9/11 they behave like those who have cramped only one line about 9/11 that is, it was master mined by person who lives in mountains of Tora Bora. The collapse of twin tower is not the complete story of 9/11, there are hundreds of unanswered questions that are yet to be discovered by the world.
Let's start from the pentagon. At 9:38 am, Hani Hanjour made a 330 degree turn and as reported crashed an American airlines jumbo jet traveling at full speed into it, resulting in the death of some 200 persons and intense damage to the E, D, C rings of the pentagon. Actually that plane was traveling at 530 miles per hour or 848 kilometers per hour, at such speed a 330 degree turn will rip a commercial plane into piece because of intense G-force. But this American airlines plane was somehow able to make it. Now coming to pentagon, according American authorities "the plane hit the pentagon at 530 mph and damaged the pentagons outer three rings (E, D, C) intensely and the plane it self was broken into small pieces as it was moving through the steel reinforced wall of pentagon and the high temperature of jet fuel combustion vaporized the whole body of the plane, this is the reason why there are no large pieces of air craft visible at the pentagon." This is the official story given or I must say made by the American government and on this story or lie, discovery channel makes its one hour special on terrorism.
First of all let's see what a Boeing 757's dimensions are and what it is made of, its 155 feet long, 44 feet high, 124 feet wing span and it weigh about 100 tons. Its outer body is mainly made of aluminum and it has two engines weighing about 6 tons each. These engines are made of steel and titanium alloy and are about 9 feet in diameter, 12 feet long. Titanium is the strongest metal known to man and has a melting point of 1688 degree C, jet fuel or kerosene can retain a temperature of 1120 degree C but only if it is burnt for 40 minute at constant fuel supply. The jet fuel would have burnt off immediately after the impact; therefore it is scientifically impossible that 12 tons of steel and titanium was vaporize by kerosene. Titanium according to them was vaporized, but human bodies were not, that sound strange? No it's not, because 184 bodies where identified out of 189 at the pentagon by Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory who were also responsible for investigating the plane crash at pentagon. If fire, was hot enough to vaporize titanium then how could human body survive in such an inferno. Any way, the two engines would have been found relatively intact at the pentagon but what was found was a single turbo jet engine approximately 3 feet in diameter. But the engines of Boeing 757 are 9 feet in diameter then where from did this engine come? Look at these pictures carefully-Got my point, there is no damage to outer wall of the pentagon from where the wings, vertical stabilizers or engines would have hit. These engines where 6 tons each, if they would have slammed into the pentagon at 530 mph they would have buried them self into the building leaving two very distinct imprints. But the only damage to the pentagon is a single 16 feet diameter hole in the building with absolutely no damage to the building from where the engines would have hit. Ever so the lawn in front of pentagon is not giving any impression that a plane has crashed there, as plane crashes always mess up ground. Coming to the hijackers who allegedly crashed the plane in the pentagon. Hani Hanjour, Khalid Almihdhar, Salem Al-Hazmi these were the people blamed for crashing the plane. But out of these two are well and live, Khalid Almihdhar is a computer programmer in Makkah, Salem Al-Hazmi is work in chemical plant in Saudi Arabia. So is 9/11 about "Dead Man Walking"? Hani Hanjour went to Freeway Airport in Bowie in mid August 2001, seeking to rent a small plane. Their Marcel Bernard, the chief flight instructor deemed him an unfit pilot declined to rent him a plane without further lessons. If he was not good pilot then how was he able to find the pentagon from above the clouds with out any assistance from air traffic control room?
So if a Boeing 757 didn't hit the Pentagon, then what did? What made a 16 feet hole and smash steel reinforced walls? A Cruse Missile. Eyewitnesses inside and outside the building were thrown to the ground by what they described as a Shockwave. Even the Sheraton Hotel, 1.6 Miles away, was rocked by the blast. A number of military personnel at the Pentagon specifically mentioned smelling cordite. Cordite is a compound used in ammunition, which is comprised of nitro-guanidine, nitrocellulose, and nitroglycerin. It is cool-burning, produces little smoke and no flash, but produces a strong detonation wave. Is it a mere coincidence that the Pentagon was hit in the only section that was recently being reinforced to withstand that very same kind of attack…? And finally, why did people keep reporting a second explosion at the Pentagon? This is a clear indication that pentagon was not hit by a commercial plane as claimed by American authorities. Their where number of surveillance cameras from a gas station, the Sheraton Hotel, and the Virginia Department of Transportation that captured the entire episode in them. However, the FBI was there within minutes to confiscate the tapes, including a warning for the employees not to discuss what they had seen. All attempts to have these videos released have been denied by American authorities. If the American government wishes to prove once and for all that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, all they would have to do is release one of these tapes and the fuzz surrounding the events of 9/11 that can be seen on internet, in book questioning 9/11 including this article of mine will be tagged simple nonsense, but they are not doing it. Instead, they released 5 frames from a camera across the heliport, even though none of them show a 757. If the American government has nothing to hide, then why are they so afraid to answer a few questions, or release a few videos?
Underneath WTC one of the world largest gold deposits was located. It was estimated in 1993 that gold of about one billion dollars was stored their, which the American government clamed to have recovered in late 2001. Or was it really recovered? Mayor of New York, Rudolf Juhanne said gold worth $230 million was recovered from WTC, but rumors say that gold of worth more than $160 billion was stored their. So, where did all the gold go? Any way, do you know Reuter news agency reported on 31 Oct 2001 that the gold that was recovered from WTC was recovered from the back of a 10-wheeled truck with several car underneath WTC-5. Isn't that strange? Then take this, their where no bodies recovered from cars or the truck. Now the question is, if the fire fighters did not expected the twin towers to collapse, how did they knew when to flee from their?
Coming to the last plane (Flight-93) that is alleged to have been hijacked on 9/11. Some say that it was shot down by some F-16 etc near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. So, was it shot down? No it was not shot down because their was no plane, no where close to Shanksville.
Coming to the last part of the story, 'The Osama Bin Laden factor'. War against so called terror has made Osama so important because of a confession tape. On December 14th, 2001, the American government released a tape, allegedly of bin Laden confessing to the attacks of 9/11, which they claimed to find in a house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Except, there's a number of things wrong with this tape. One, the tape itself was of very poor quality. And two, the man in the video looks and acts nothing like bin Laden. According to the FBI's website, Osama is left-handed. Yet, in that video, he is writing a note with his right hand. Not to mention that he's wearing a gold ring in that video, which is forbidden by Islamic law, and is never mentioned in the FBI's description of him.
For all these details we must watch the documentary, Loose Change (2nd edition) about 9/11)

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