BADALTA JAMMU KASHMIR | 'Jan Bhagidari Portal establishes accountable, transparent governance system in J&K'

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Srinagar: The Jan Bhagidari Portal of Jammu and Kashmir represents a significant milestone in empowering citizens and fostering transparency in the developmental process.

This exclusive online platform serves as a medium for citizens to oversight and overview all developmental works being executed in the region, ushering a new era of meaningful transparency and accountability with citizen participation.

The primary objective of Jan Bhagidari Portal is to enable citizens to actively participate in monitoring progress of various ongoing developmental projects and initiatives. Unlike traditional approaches, this portal does not require any username or password, ensuring that the information is accessible to all without any barriers. This democratization of information empowers citizens to be informed as engaged stakeholders in the development of their region.

One of the notable features of the Jan Bhagidari Portal is its comprehensive coverage of all Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) works being undertaken across Jammu and Kashmir. With this portal, not only major projects but also grassroots-level developments are brought under the public’s scrutiny, leaving no room for unchecked utilization of resources.

The portal also introduces a unique scheme called “Janta ki Bhagidari” (People’s Participation) which encourages active involvement of the public in the decision-making process. By promoting collaboration between government and citizens, this initiative fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among people towards their community’s development.

By making all the information available on portal accessible to every citizen, the government has demonstrated a commitment to transparency in public service delivery. This open approach has led to a significant improvement in public trust and confidence in the administration, as citizens can now verify progress and effectiveness of various projects firsthand.

With the Jan Bhagidari Portal, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has set an exemplary standard for other regions to follow. It showcases the power of technology and people-centric governance in bringing about positive change and inclusive development. By empowering citizens with information, enabling public oversight, and encouraging collaboration, the portal has proven to be an effective tool for fostering a more accountable and transparent governance system.

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