CAO Reasi inspects agriculture activities

CAO Reasi inspects agriculture activities

Rasi: Chief Agriculture Officer of Reasi, Harbans Singh embarked on an extensive tour of Block Pouni, engaging with numerous progressive farmers in the region.

His visit encompassed several agricultural endeavours that exemplify the area's agricultural diversity.In the Panchayat Bhambla, he inspected integrated farming activities, wherein farmers concurrently tended to cattle and cultivate vegetables.

This multifaceted approach to agriculture was among the highlights of his tour.Moving on, Harbans Singh proceeded to Panchayat Maghai, where he observed a farmer's successful cultivation of pulse crops, specifically the mash variety PU 10 from the Minikit programme.

This showcased the efficacy of government support in improving crop yields.The tour continued with a visit to the fields of Yash Pal, a progressive farmer in the village of Sudheen. Yash Pal's flourishing cucumber cultivation, sold profitably on the roadside, caught the Chief Agriculture Officer's attention.

He encouraged Yash Pal to explore off-season vegetable cultivation through protected methods, assuring him of subsidies available under the Horticulture and Agriculture Diversification Program (HADP).

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