Pellet eye injuries now treatable in JK

The state’s first Vitrectomy equipment was inaugurated at SMHS Hospital today.
Pellet eye injuries now treatable in JK
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The state's first Vitrectomy equipment was inaugurated at SMHS Hospital today.

The availability of this sophisticated facility will decrease the referrals to out of state hospitals for eye complications, especially pellet injuries in eye.

According to the Department of Ophthalmology, SMHS Hospital, patients with pellet injuries in eye, vitreous haemorrhage due to diabetes or hypertension etc. had no other option but to get operated in hospitals outside the state. Besides injuries due blunt trauma or to road accident victims can also be treated.

Doctors said, many patients were rendered blind because they could not afford to travel and get treatment outside the state.

Dr. Tariq Qureshi, HOD Department of Opthalmology said, "The treatment in Amritsar or Delhi hospitals, where the patients who could afford would go for treatment cost them a lot. Now, we have the equipment that is state-of-the-art, and of the international standards, here in SMHS Hospital."

He added that incidence of diabetes and hypertension in the state is taking a heavy toll and both these conditions have a bearing on the health and condition of eyes. According to experts, a significant section of diabetics develop glaucoma and intraocular hypertension in J&K. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 12.8% of India's 8.9 million blind are blind due to glaucoma.

According to Dr. Rafiq Ahmed Pampori, Principal GMC, the department has also been equipped with Lumera T microscope that has improved the teaching methodology and facilitates recording and relay of surgeries.

The latest LASIK equipment will also be operational from the next week at the department. LASIK comes in handy for people wishing to get their vision corrected and get rid of spectacles. An ophthalmologist at the department said, "More and more young people are getting rid of their glasses. It is getting quite popular but till now used to be done only in private sector in the state." He added that now, everybody, irrespective of the economic strata they belong to will have access to this facility.

The equipment has been supplied through Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Five live viterectomy surgeries were also conducted on the occasion.

Dr. Pampori said, "The aim of such live surgeries is to enhance the skill set of our very skilled surgeons." There are three trained retina surgeons in the hospital.

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