‘Bandipora has sizeable population suffering from cardiopulmonary diseases’

Awareness, lifestyle changes must in maintaining a healthy heart: Ex-SKIMS Director
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Bandipora: Ex-Director SKIMS Dr. A.G. Ahangar stated that “Bandipora has a sizable population suffering from cardiopulmonary diseases.”

Ahangar was at the free super speciality medical camp in Bandipora on Tuesday organised by Noora Hospital in collaboration with Apex Cardiac Care, along with Radio care diagnostic and Al-Rashid Lab.

The expert team included Dr AG Ahangar, Dr Himayun Ahad, HoD Orthopaedic Noora Hospital, Dr Zameer Nephrologist, Dr Sheikh Muzamil, General and Laparoscopic surgeon.

Speaking to Greater Kashmir, Ahangar noted that various factors, including obesity, metabolic syndromes, and birth defects might cause coronary artery diseases. According to him, the circulatory “system is ultimately affected by diseases, which can put a great deal of strain on the heart and occasionally cause a stroke.”

Ex-Director SKIMS claimed that despite the region’s attractiveness and gifts of water bodies and natural beauty, there was a lack of knowledge and instruction regarding how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“There is a room for improvement in terms of the entire basic infrastructure, which will eventually lead to awareness. Additionally, prompt diagnosis and treatment will create a healthy society,” Ahangar said. He asserted that a “strong community is built on a foundation of good health.”

He continued by saying that a healthy lifestyle was crucial for the heart. According to Ahangar, people who lead sedentary lifestyles with little exercise and improper eating habits “generate lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, and fat in their bodies.” “It causes blood vessels to get choked or blocked, which can result in heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, or liver illness. Peripheral vessels also get involved, and it causes a number of disorders as well. Therefore, lifestyle is a crucial factor,” Ahnagar said.

The increase in heart conditions and other related diseases, particularly in Kashmir Valley, he said, is “also linked to the winters as most of the time is spent indoors leading to very little physical exertion thus developing obesity and other coronary disorders leading to an unhealthy heart.” He added that although the summer months are generally considered beneficial for overall health due to people getting involved in agricultural activities, the contributing factor “ for the rise in heart conditions and other related diseases generally is linked to the winters.”

In addition to physical activities, Ahangar emphasized, people must take care of their eating habits, such as sticking to a healthy diet and eating in moderation. “A healthy heart can also be maintained by eating fewer carbs, limiting sugar and salt, and avoiding stress and smoking”, according to Ahangar.

Besides Ahangar, Dr. Humayun Ahad Consultant of Orthopedics, and Joint Replacement Surgery, Dr. Sheikh, a Laparoscopic Surgeon and senior consultant, and Dr. Zameer, a senior consultant of nephrology and kidney transplant also checked the patients during the camp.

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