GMC Baramulla team carries out complex high risk surgery on pregnant woman

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Baramulla, Sep 10: In a remarkable medical feat, a team of dedicated healthcare professionals of Government Medical College Baramulla led by Head Of the Department, Gynaecology, Dr Humaira Noor, consultant Dr. Mudasir Ahmad, and senior operation theatre (OT) assistant Abdul Hameed, successfully carried a complex and high risk surgery on an expectant mother affected by prolonged amenorrhoea besides presence of a massive cystadenoma estimated to be around 12-15 kilograms in size.

During the complex and high-risk surgery, the medical team exhibited exceptional skill and expertise in the daunting situation due to the prolonged amenorrhea, which is the absence of menstrual periods, and the massive cystadenoma that had developed during her pregnancy.

Dr Humaira Noor, the Head of the Department (HOD), expressed her gratitude for the trust placed in the medical team and the hospital. She said, “This case was challenging, but we were determined to ensure the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby. It’s a testament to teamwork and the unwavering dedication of our medical professionals.”

Dr Mudasir Ahmad, consultant, while highlighting the complexity of the procedure said, “Removing such a large cystadenoma while preserving the health of the mother and the baby required meticulous planning and surgical precision. I am pleased to say that we achieved a positive outcome,” he said.

Abdul Hameed, the senior OT assistant, played a crucial role in the surgery by providing support and assisting the surgeons throughout the procedure. His dedication and expertise were instrumental in the success of this delicate operation.

The medical team’s efforts have not only saved the lives of both the mother and the baby but have also showcased the remarkable capabilities of the healthcare professionals at the GMC Baramulla.

After the procedure, the mother is now in stable condition, and the newborn is healthy, bringing joy and relief to the family.

The Medical Superintendent associated hospital GMC Baramulla, Dr Parvaiz Masoodi, while praising the team of doctors said that earlier such patients would be referred to Srinagar hospital, however, the doctors at the GMC Baramulla do take challenging surgeries with perfection and ensures patients don’t have to be referred to tertiary care hospitals at Srinagar.

“The hospital is empowered with the dedicated medical officers who are capable to perform any complex surgery,” said MS, Associated hospital GMC Baramulla.

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