Govt cracks whip on unregistered private nursing homes

Inspection on cards; asked to file compliance to minimum standards in 2 weeks
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Srinagar: In wake of the proliferation of private nursing homes and other clinical establishments in Jammu and Kashmir, the Health and Medical Education Department has ordered measures to ensure quality care and patient safety.

Today, an order was issued highlighting the significant number of private nursing homes, polyclinics, and health facilities that remain unregistered with the concerned district authority.

The order emphasises that many of these establishments lack the requisite manpower and facilities as mandated by the minimum prescribed standards.

This alarming situation has prompted the government to take immediate action. Private nursing homes and clinical establishments have been directed to adhere to the standards set forth in the Clinical Establishments Act 2010 within a period of two weeks, the Advisory issued by Secretary to Government (H&ME) Bhupinder Kumar states.

The Clinical Establishments Act of 2010 establishes guidelines and regulations to ensure the provision of high-quality care and safety measures in private healthcare facilities.

These standards cover various crucial aspects, including staffing levels, medical resources, hygiene practices, and safety protocols. By enforcing compliance with these standards, the government aims to guarantee the well-being of patients and uphold their right to receive adequate care.

To ensure the implementation of these measures, the District Registering Authority departments have been instructed to conduct inspections of all private nursing homes, clinical establishments, and health facilities falling under their jurisdiction. These inspections must be completed within the next three weeks, and a comprehensive report must be submitted to the Health and Medical Education Department.

The advisory, titled "Verification of Private Nursing Homes, Clinical Establishments, and Health Facilities," serves as a reminder to healthcare providers regarding the importance of registration and adherence to the prescribed standards. The order seeks to address the concerns surrounding unregistered facilities and raise the overall quality of care provided by private nursing homes in Jammu and Kashmir.

By enforcing registration and minimum standards, the government aims to bring transparency, accountability, and improved quality to the private healthcare sector. These measures, a health expert said, may add to the trust and confidence of the public in seeking medical assistance from these establishments.

The Clinical Establishments Act 2010 covers various aspects such as infrastructure requirements, qualifications and staffing norms for healthcare professionals, maintenance of medical records, and adherence to standard treatment protocols.

The act also emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the healthcare sector. It requires clinical establishments to display rates of various procedures and services offered, maintain proper records, and comply with prescribed standards to protect patient rights and interests.

Additionally, the act provides for the constitution of Councils, responsible for granting licenses, conducting inspections, and taking action against clinical establishments that fail to comply with the prescribed standards.

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