H3N2 scare: 'Don’t panic'

H3N2 scare: 'Don’t panic'
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Srinagar, Mar 11: In the wake of a scare of H3N2 viral infection, medicos have urged people not to panic and its symptoms are mild and mostly need symptomatic treatment.

“People should not panic. Viral infection H3N2 doesn’t need antibiotics in most cases. Symptoms are High-grade Fever, Sore throat, cough, nausea, and vomiting. The fever remains for 72 hours. Only rest and symptomatic treatment are needed,” said Dr. Showkat Shah, critical care specialist.“People shouldn’t link the viral infection with COVID. This is just a seasonal viral infection. Most people with mild fever and sore throat rush to hospitals in panic. There is no need to worry and they can carry on their routine work,” he added.

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