SKIMS conducts awareness programmes on breastfeeding

SKIMSSpecial arrangement

Srinagar: In view of World Breastfeeding Week 2023, Department of Community Medicine SKIMS held several events.

In this regard awareness activities were held at the Immunization Clinic, antenatal OPD, Postnatal ward and NICU in which importance of exclusive breastfeeding was highlighted among the audience which included mothers and caregivers of the infants.

At the antenatal OPD, audience were sensitised about early initiation of breastfeeding, benefits of Colostrum and harmful effects of prelacteal feeding. Mothers and caregivers of new borns were made aware about disadvantages of artificial feeding practices, benefits of exclusive breast feeding for first six months and continuation up to 2 years.

Besides this, problems encountered during breastfeeding and their solutions were discussed. Breastfeeding techniques like expressed breast milk practices and its importance for working mothers were also highlighted at the event.

This was in line with the current year’s theme for the World Breastfeeding Week which lays emphasis on breastfeeding by the working mothers. In the end handouts containing information about breastfeeding in simplified form were distributed among the audience at all the three places.

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