Unauthorised absence of doctors: Health Deptt implements strict measures

Rejoining permitted only after Administrative Deptt’s approval
Unauthorised absence of doctors: Health Deptt implements strict measures
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Srinagar, July 31: The Health and Medical Education Department has come down strictly on doctors pursuing higher studies or registrarship without obtaining proper authorisation from the competent authority, the department ordering that no such doctor be allowed to re-join, if not permitted by the Administrative Department of the Government.

“The H&ME Department while examining the cases of doctors, who pursued higher studies and registrarship unauthorisedly has without seeking prior proper permission of the competent authority, observed that the Heads of the Departments (HoDs) are allowing their rejoining after a gap of more than 2-3 years at their own level, which they are, otherwise, not competent to do so,” the order reads.

Upon examination of such cases, the department has ‘discovered’ that Heads of the Departments (HoDs) were permitting these doctors to rejoin their duties after lengthy absences.

However, many of these doctors lacked the necessary competency to resume their positions.

According to the new guidelines, applications for rejoining from doctors who have been on unauthorised absence or absconding from duties would not be entertained at the HoDs' level without prior approval from the Administrative Department.

The concerned HoDs must submit cases of doctors who have been absent or absconding without proper authorisation to the Administrative Department within a week for thorough examination. Any cases submitted after the deadline would not be entertained, and the HoDs would be held accountable for future discrepancies.

HoDs have been instructed to issue necessary directives to the field Officers and Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) under their purview.

These officers are responsible for immediately reporting any instances of unauthorised absence or absconding of doctors or employees to the respective HoDs and the Administrative Department.

Failure to provide timely information may result in disciplinary action against the Controlling Officer or DDO in accordance with the applicable rules.

The department has emphasised that the strict implementation of these measures is crucial to ensure accountability.

According to a senior official in H&ME, over hundred doctors have been terminated in the recent past for unauthorized absence. “A fresh termination drive is on cards for the doctors who have joined elsewhere while they continue to occupy posts in other health institutions,” he said.

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