Bureaucrat assault case: Dalit, Muslim MLAs targeted, says AAP

Calling the alleged assault on a Delhi bureaucrat a “conspiracy”, the AAP on Wednesday said that its two MLAs — Prakash Jarwal and Amanatullah Khan — were arrested in the case without any inquiry because they belonged to the minority communities of Dalits and Muslims.

Based on the allegation of assault made by Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash, the two were arrested without being given a chance to state their version, senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh told the media.


“We have the video footage of what happened at Delhi Secretariat yesterday (Tuesday) when our Minister and his Personal Secretary were attacked by a mob that was incited by the BJP but nothing has been done about it.

“Words of the Chief Secretary are being treated as gospel truth,” he said, adding the top bureaucrat was making “false” allegations.

Sanjay Singh alleged that provocative speeches were given outside the Delhi Secretariat on Tuesday that led to the commotion and beating up of Minister Imran Hussain and his Personal Secretary Himanshu Singh.

He said under the BJP’s rule in various states, Dalits and Muslims were victims of communal violence.

The Chief Secretary, who has alleged that AAP MLAs assaulted him in the presence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal late on Monday, would have called the police immediately after the incident if he was actually assaulted, the AAP leader said.

“Anybody physically assaulted by someone would immediately call the police. Why didn’t the Chief Secretary do so? The next morning he started making these allegations against our MLAs.

On Monday, an emergency meeting was convened to address the issue of 250,000 families who were deprived of food rations due to faulty implementation of Aadhaar.

“I know the conversation that was happening at CM’s residence on the issue of people not getting ration turned into an argument… there was a heated argument but no physical attacks were made.”

Asking why the Chief Secretary’s injury report wasn’t prepared by a doctor on the same day, Sanjay Singh said: “The medico-legal certificate is coming today when the incident happened three days back.”

Stressing that this was a BJP-led Central government’s conspiracy against the AAP, Sanjay Singh said: “To be associated with AAP is considered to be a crime by the Centre.

“AAP is always the soft target. The government now wishes to take the attention away from Nirav Modi, (Vikram) Kothari, Jatin Mehta and that is why this thing was brought up.”

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