No dialogue with Pakistan before action on militant outfits: Sushma Swaraj

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External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj on Wednesday said India cannot have dialogue with Pakistan unless the neighbouring country acted against militant outfits on its soil, asserting that "talks and terror cannot go together".

"We do not want talkon terror, we want action on it. Terror and talks cannot go together," shesaid during her talk on 'India's World: Modi Government's Foreign Policy'.

Swaraj also questioned Pakistan's retaliation to the Indianair strikes in Balakot when, she said, India had specifically targeted theJaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

"Why did the Pakistani military attack us on behalf ofJeM? You not only keep JeM on your soil, but fund them and when the victimcountry retaliates, you attack it on the outfit's behalf.

"If Imran Khan (Pakistan prime minister) is so generousand a statesman, he should give us Masood Azhar," she said.

The external affairs minister said India can have a goodrelationship with Pakistan, provided the neighbouring country   "takes action against terror groups onits soil".

On her invitation to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) meeting, she said India avenged the humilation meted out to it 50 yearsago by becoming the 'guest of honour' at the OIC meet this year.

"In 1969, India was humiliated when it was not allowedto participate in the meeting even after reaching the venue after Pakistanprotested against India's then foreign minister's participation. But now, 50years later, it was India that was on the seat of the guest of honour, whilePakistan's seat was empty," she said.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had expressedreservations about the invitation to Swaraj for the OIC meeting, and laterdecided to boycott the meeting of the 57-member Muslim grouping held earlierthis month.               

Talking about the foreignpolicy of the current government, Swaraj said it was based upon the twoprinciples of "national interest supreme" and "world is ourfamily". "People often ask us what we get by our frequent travel tocountries. I want to tell them we do not travel to have fun, we travel to buildour relationship with other countries and it is because of our ties with thesecountries that we were able to rescue 7,000 people from Yemen. The strength ofour bilateral ties was also reflected in the International Court of Justice(ICJ) elections," she said.

"I have seen the strength of this relationship time and again," the senior BJP leader said, adding that at the ministerial level, Indian leaders have visited 189 out of 193 countries. Swaraj added that the country's global profile has improved in the last five years. 

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