PM Modi extends warm welcome to Mick Jagger

New Delhi, Nov 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed iconic Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger to India today, responding to a post by the music legend expressing his happiness about being in the country.

In his post, Jagger shared his joy for being in India, prompting a thoughtful response from Prime Minister Modi on X. The Prime Minister, referring to some of Jagger’s famous songs, replied, “‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, but India is a land brimming with seekers, offering solace and ‘Satisfaction’ to all. Delighted to know you found joy among the people and culture here. Do keep coming…”

The interaction unfolded after Mick Jagger, the Rock legend and frontman of the Rolling Stones, shared a thank-you note to India on Twitter yesterday.

The note, accompanied by a song and a message written in Hindi, expressed gratitude and happiness for the time spent in India, saying, “Thanks and Hello India. Away from daily chores, I felt very happy to come here. With much love to you all, Mick.” Jagger’s post quickly went viral, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views on X (formerly Twitter).

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