We will win big in Karnataka: BJP's Tarun Chugh

'Action taken against Rahul is not vendetta politics'
We will win big in Karnataka: BJP's Tarun Chugh

Srinagar, March 31: BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh on Friday said that the party was going to win with a huge margin in Karnataka polls. 

In a statment, Chugh said that there is no unity in the opposition as these people are uniting in protest against PM Narendra Modi. "We are going to win with a huge majority in Karnataka. Opposition unity is only for TRP. One considers the other as the leader."

He said: "Our fight is against corruption. 5000 cases were registered under CBI in 9 years. Congress has not done even 500. Less than 5 percent of the ED's attachments in this time are of politicians."

He also said in the case of Rahul Gandhi, work has been done according to the law. "Congress is doing the work of spreading confusion among the people. The decision has been taken as per the order of the Supreme Court. Many MPs have lost their membership due to this. Rahul Gandhi has not yet appealed against the sentence."He said the action taken against Rahul is not vendetta politics. "If Rahul Gandhi doesn't want to apologize, don't apologize but don't malign Savarkar's name. Savarkar is one of those who suffered maximum torture for the country."

He claimed that India will be number one in the world in 2047 due to PM Narendra Modi's efforts. 

He said in the last 9 years, maximum work has been done under the successful leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after independence and by 2047 India will be number 1 in the world.

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