Govt accords sanction to authorisation of 25% funds under state, distt Capex budget 2019-20

Govt accords sanction to authorisation of 25% funds under state, distt Capex budget 2019-20
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State government on Saturday accorded sanction to authorisation of 25% funds out of the ceiling fixed under State and district Capex budget during the financial year 2019-20.

Accordingly, it has asked all the administrative departmentsto furnish schematic GN-2 (activity-wise in BEAMS compatible format in bothhard and soft form) by or before April 8, 2019 so that its profiling anduploading shall be completed on the BEAMS portal for utilisation of fundsduring 2019-20.

As per an order, the funds so released shall be utilised bythe concerned authority only for the purpose specified after observing allprerequisite formalities and procedures as required under rules and shall notbe available for further re-appropriation/diversion at any level and for anyreason whatsoever.

"In accordance with Appropriation Act, controllingofficers/district development commissioners shall ensure that all budgetaryallocations have been maintained strictly as per demand for grants besidesreleasing funds through BEAMS," the order said.

It also said that the execution of works shall be taken upstrictly for the approved schemes within the approved cost and no liabilityshall be created ensuing financial discipline in the system, until specificallyauthorized by the Finance department.

The order further said that all the projects/schemes andinfrastructure projects in particular, must be supported with technicallyvetted DPRs and must be prepared by the executing agencies in closeconsultation with user agency.

Only such works shall be authorized for execution, as haveprior administrative approval, technical sanction and appropriate financialsanction, reads the order.

"All cost revisions as a last resort wherever justified musthave prior sanction/ approval of the competent authority," it said.

The order said that the procurement plans from conceivingthe nature and quantity of public goods and services to be procured forpreparation of tenders/ RFQs/EOIs to MM award of the contract by the departmentshrill be limited by an outermost cap of 60 days.

Any spill over in timeline shall be allowed only under theorders of the competent authority with cogent reasons, it said.

It said that the projects/schemes shall be executed andcompleted strictly within the timeline as stipulated in the tender document andas fixed by the competent authority.

The concerned controlling/ district/ sectoral officers shallprocess approved works under State and district Capex Budget 2019-20 foradministrative approval wherever needed, the government order said.

"The controlling officers/district development commissionersshall immediately release the funds to the line department/executing agencieswithin a time period of 15 days from the date of authorisation of funds by thefinance department, beyond which it shall be deemed to have been withdrawn,"the order said.

It said that treasury officers concerned shall ensure thatrevenue/Capex budget releases have been made by spending and bill passingofficers via BEAMS. "Treasury officers shall also be personally liable formaking payments of the funds released and received by-passing/evading the BEAMSapplication," it said.

The departments shall ensure that the expenditure of theallotted funds is made in stipulated timeframe within the quarter for which thefunds have been released, it added.

The advance drawl proposals, if required, the order said,shall be supported with all standard conditions viz-a-viz utilizationcertificate and furnished for approval of the competent authority within thespecific quarter in which funds are released, said the order adding that thefunds shall not be utilised for the schemes/projects approved for fundingthrough JKIDFC under the "Languishing Projects Funding" scheme andthese projects/schemes stand deemed to be excluded from State/district sectorCapex budget.

The ban on engagement on casual workers, need based workersetc shall continue to be in force.

"All development/Capex release orders issued by theadministrative departments to the respective controlling officers shallinvariably have the condition that the departments shall refrain from makingfresh engagements under projects/schemes," said the order.

There shall be no expenditure on revenue or revenue likecomponents out of State or district Capex budget, it further said.

It added that the the expenditure shall be debited to theappropriate head of account as provided in the Demand for Grants and availableon the BE AMS portal and the controlling/district and sectoral officers shallbe personally responsible for any liability created on account ofun-approved/un-authorized works and the executing agencies while preferring bills to treasuries shall invariablyensure photographic evidence of all works, pre, during and post execution alongwith latitude longitude coordinates of the project location for its uploadinginto system being devised for the purpose.

 The State share ofthe centrally sponsored schemes (CSSs) and expenditure to be incurred onutility shifting, land compensation etc under PMDP projects shall be firstcharge on the funds lapsing to the government during the last quarter, it said.

"All the departments shall ensure uniform pace ofexpenditure during the financial year. Not more than 15% of the revisedestimates shall be permitted for incurring expenditure during the last month ofthe financial year 2019-20," it added.

Besides, it is reiterated that as provided in theAppropriation Act, 2018 expenditure during the last quarter of the financialyear 2019-20 shall have to be restricted to not more than 30% of the revisedestimates 2019-20 to be adopted in due course of time. The departments shallaccordingly plan their expenditure from the beginning of the financial year toavoid rush of expenditure at the fag end of the financial year.

The treasury officers / PAOs shall have an addedresponsibility to ensure that departments are held to the above expenditureceiling during the last quarter of the financial year, 2019-20, reads theorder.

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