JK Police reunite missing Bihar man with family

JK Police reunite missing Bihar man with family

A 40-year-old Bihar native of unsound mind has been reunited by the Jammu police with his family members in the eastern state, officials said Thursday.

Identified as Sumankar Jha, son of Majouma Jha of Samastipurin Bihar, the man had been separated from his family over two years ago, saidpolice.

Jha was spotted by a police team while roaming near MandaNaka in the city on Sunday.

On being accosted, he was found mentally unstable, followingwhich the police team took him to Panjtirthi police post in the city.

After strenuous efforts, the police was able to find that hebelonged to Samastipur, said police, adding his family members weresubsequently contacted. On being informed, the man's brother reachedJammu and took him back home, said police, adding that his brother said the manhad been missing for the last two years.

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