2,000 persons at Lakhanpur seek entry into Jammu & Kashmir

2,000 persons at Lakhanpur seek entry into Jammu & Kashmir
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Over 1,000 residents of J&K working in different states across the country reached by foot at Lakhanpur on Sunday amid complete lockdown in the country. Earlier, a similar number of people had reached the checkpoint seeking entry into J&K.

"They hide themselves on seeing the police checkpoints, andtake different routes to reach Lakhanpur," Deputy Commissioner, Kathua, OPBhagat told Greater Kashmir.

Bhagat said only today they have received 1,000 people atLakhanpur, and a "similar number of people is still standing at the entrypoint".

"We are expecting 300-400 more people may approach atLakhanpur," said Bhagat adding that they will have to quarantine all of themand anyone who wants to enter into Jammu and Kashmir for a defined period.

The DC Kathua said: "As many as 2160 people have beenquarantined in 55 centers across the district. We may establish more centers."

He said that they have been working round the clock with2000 officers. "You may be surprised that we have not taken sleep at home. Wetake nap in the office and resume work. We have to break the chain so that thecoronavirus could not spread in society and people are also helping theadministration in Kathua," he said.

He said that volunteers and public in Kathua are cooperatingwith the administration in spreading awareness. "It is 6th day, and only eightdays are left. Stay in the centers," he appealed to the quarantined people.

As many as 2224 people have been quarantined in 41 centersin Samba district, and majority of them, are those who entered Jammu andKashmir via Lakhanpur. Most of these people are from Kashmir division.

In a locality of Tali Basti, an area of Bari Brahmana, Sambadistrict, 561 people  have been homequarantined by the health authorities after the civil administration came toknow about the stay of a religious preacher there, who was later testedpositive in Srinagar, said an official.

Meanwhile, District Magistrate Udhampur Dr Piyush Singla hasappealed to the people of Udhampur not to panic. "Situation is being closelymonitored. Positive contacts being traced. Eight different teams on job. Onlyway you will can help us is by staying inside your homes. Stay calm and pray,"Singla said. The appeal was made after three cases surfaced from Jammu, yesterday.


District Magistrate, Doda, Dr Sagar D Doifode orderedAssistant Commandant, SSB, Khellani (Doda) "to ensure that the necessary entrypoint to the district is sealed and no unauthorized person is allowed to movefrom Doda-Batote-road in or outside Doda except one having the movement passesissued by his office."


"Complete lockdown in Ramban tomorrow. No shops to open. Allpasses issued invalidated. Public urged to stay home. Do not leave home tillfurther instructions," Deputy Commissioner, Ramban tweeted last night.

Meanwhile, Jammu district and its adjoining areas weresealed by the paramilitary personnel with barbed wire to restrict the movementof people on the roads.

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