ABVP holds protest against J&K Public University Bill

ABVP holds protest against J&K Public University Bill
Photo: Mir Imran/GK

Jammu, Oct 26: The activists of ABVP today held a protest demonstration and staged a sit-in at the busy Parade Chowk near Government College for Women against J&K Public University Bill, and demanded its withdrawal.

The protesters gathered here and staged a protest while blocking vehicular traffic near the Women College suspecting the proposed bill as an attempt to take over autonomous status of the higher educational institutions and hang them over to the bureaucrats.

The protesters alleged that the recruitments through JKSSB or any other agency controlled by the government may become the source of corruption and hanging over the affairs of the universities or colleges to the bureaucrats would give rise to unfair practices, the protesters alleged and demanded that the higher educational institutions should not be controlled by the government. They said that “An attempt is being made to take over the higher education institutions in the name of transparency and we will not tolerate the attempt. The Lt Governor of J&K must look into the circumstances and strong opposition and withdraw the bill (J&K Public University Bill).”

“Why is it important to allow bureaucracy's interference in higher educational institutions? If the proposed bill is not withdrawn, we will come on the roads and the protests will be intensified in coming days,” said the protesters while saying that today's protest was symbolic but they will intensify the demonstrations.

The protesters further said that “It takes over five to six years to complete PhD and in totality higher education consumes 10 to 12 years. However, the government has kept less marks for the PhD holders in the interviews whereas the UGC has kept 25 marks. In violation of the rules, the government has avoided the hard work of the research scholars and PhD holders.”

They said that the Vice Chancellors have been left powerless by the government in the proposed bill and even the minor issues would have to consume more time than required and hence, it will add more problems instead of resolving them.

“We are requesting the government to work in the interest of higher education and do not act against the UGC norms. The higher education in the universities and colleges should be kept away from bureaucratic control and the higher education should be allowed to work independently,” the protester said.

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