Advisor Ganai inaugurates 2-day ‘Basic Science Conference’ at CLUJ

Photo: Info Deptt
Photo: Info Deptt

Governor's Advisor  Khurshid Ahmed Ganai on Wednesday inaugurated 1st Basic Science Conference BSC-2019, being organised by Cluster University of Jammu (CLUJ) here.

Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu Prof Manoj K Dhar,Vice-Chancellor, Cluster University of Jammu Prof Anju Bhasin, Dean AcademicAffairs Prof Poonam Dhawan, Registrar, Dr Jatinder Khajuria and others attendedthe programme.

The two day scienceconference aims at honing and enhancing the scientific temperament of the youngstudents towards research and innovation is being organised by School ofSciences, Cluster University of Jammu at Convention Centre.

Addressing the participants, the Advisor who is also thepro-chancellor, Cluster University of Jammu lauded the efforts of CLUJ inorganising a much needed conference of contemporary relevance that would instilscientific acumen in the young learners and provide them basic knowledge ofvarious recent discoveries and innovations happening in the field of Scienceand Technology.

He expressed an earnestdesire that the university should produce some renowned scientists that canbring laurels to the state. He accentuated that the conference will trigger lotof scientific thinking in the students and faculty and strongly advised them totake keen interest in their science classes, further urging them to askquestions to full satisfaction so that the state can produce proficientresearchers in science.

The Advisor also exhortedupon the participants to think of problems specific to their areas like soilerosion, solid waste management, vegetation and start working on them.

Prof Manoj K Dhar in hisaddress, opined that scientific ventures of such kind for students and facultywould go a long way in promoting scientific know how and spirit which isimperative in the modern world. He added that universities should not onlydisseminate but also contribute and generates knowledge; also "Catch themYoung" so that the students have ample opportunities to follow their scientificpursuits and cherish their scientific journey.

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