AP President indirectly attacks AAP

AP President indirectly attacks AAP
Apni Party President, Syed Altaf BukhariFile

Jammu, Apr 15: President of the Apni Party (AP) Altaf Bukhari on Friday launched an indirect attack on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and compared the Delhi based party with the “seasonal tourists” in Jammu and Kashmir who come during summers.

He was addressing a party convention in the Bishnah area of Jammu District. Bukhari hit out at the mushrooming growth of the political party (AAP) in J&K which is confined to a geographical area (Delhi). “They have no relation with J&K. When temperature rises outside J&K, they turn towards J&K like seasonal tourists. Similarly, they came like tourists in 2014 and later where they went no one knows till date,” he said.

He said “In our neighbouring state i.e., Punjab - Congress Party, BJP, Akali Dal and other political parties were defeated and slogans were given that the fate of the people will change. However, within two months, Punjab learnt that they were being ruled directly from Delhi. The Chief Minister of Punjab is working as a rubber stamp.” “Whether no one from Punjab can rule their own people,”he asked and expressed satisfaction that atleast this cannot happen in J&K.

J&K is an important state which has borders with Pakistan and China and it is not a municipal state like Delhi being ruled by AAP, he said as he indirectly attacked AAP. “When our people went to Delhi to join that political party, they were not welcomed with the honour they deserved. They call our people to Delhi to join their party but their leader does not come to welcome them into their party with honour. This was the same behaviour of a Mughal ruler who had hardly come out of Delhi,” Bukhari said.

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